In this issue of PI MAGAZINE we cover the increasingly important topic of Confidentiality in our cover story: “CONFIDENTIALITY: Data Protection 101” by Brian Brisco. Dig down into the importance and significance of everything from file protection to email signatures and attachments.

We are also very proud to feature the first article in our new PI MARKETING department by John Hoda. John is a well-known and respected expert in the area marketing and promotion and his tips will surely add to your bottom line! John’s department will be an ongoing and continuing department in PI MAGAZINE!

We also have our regular departments and columns by the PI MAGAZINE “Usual Suspects” aka “writers” including PI GEAR, PI Agency Profile featuring Paul Cicarella, Jr,, Books spotlight including John Hoda’s series, Legislative Updates by Dean Beers and Bruce Hulme, PI Perspective by Chuck Klein, PI 101 by Mike Pugh, PI History by Daniel Demers and MUCH MORE!

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PI MAG is proud to be a sponsor of the Modern Day Investigations (MDI) conference June 27 -29 at the InterContinental in Miami, FL. Read more about the conference in PI Magazine!

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Black Swan Remote Extraction Machine
Apple Investigations - Overview
What is WAD?
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Family Members Disrupting Terrorist Attacks

Family terror networks (or alternatively, family affiliated terrorism) involve two or more people from the same clan who support the threat or use of terrorism. Well-known examples of such incidents include two sets of brothers on 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombers, and the San Bernardino terrorists. Less appreciated is the role family members have in…

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The World’s Most Counterfeited Prescription Drug

If you guessed Viagra, you’re right, although Cialis may have recently taken the top spot. Enhanced sex, along with Viagra’s rise to blockbuster status, cultural phenomenon and status as a ‘must have’ drug have created a major health problem. Every day hundreds of guys log onto so-called ‘rogue Internet mail order pharmacies’ and give out…

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