This month PI MAGAZINE features some new and innovative equipment available to the Professional Investigator. Check out the reviews and advice!
We take a deep dive into the world of trail cameras with an overview and explanation by publisher and surveillance tech Jim Nanos. We also feature a review on the new Nikon Coolpix PI1000 – quite possibly the best DSL camera ever made when it comes to private investigators and surveillance! Leif Kehrein authors a great article on the newest TSCM equipment available for the PI who wants to jump into the world of TSCM services!

PI Magazine also is very excited about the addition of Matt Spaier and his PI Perspectives column on podcasting which is accompanied by a full-length feature article by podcast guru and licensed PI Scott Fulmer with his overview of podcasting for the PI. Scott’s book, Confessions of a PI is also highlighted in PI Book Spotlight this month! This is a great read!
Georgiana Eisenhardt, program manager of PI Protect -the Brownyard Group offers up her views on insurance coverage for PI’s with a very timely article. Don’t miss this as most of your professional PI insurance questions are answered!
Other articles and stories include an update from Richard Brooks on licensing in the state of Mississippi and how other states may be affected. Daniel Demers concludes his two-part feature “Femme Fatale: The case of Louise Pette”

Our regular departments include Stephanie Savory on Business, Marl Battersby and his advice on tax “write-off’s”. Kahrman Ziegenbein is back with Internet FYI and don’t miss Kevin Toal on “A time to decline” and when to say “NO” to a process service. This a great second part to the regular column in this issue by the ServeNow staff on due diligence.
Bill Clutter continues her series “Investigating Innocence” with a piece on Silvia B, the new executive director of Investigating Innocence! Welcome Silvia!!! Our friend John Hoda shares his expertise on PI marketing with “How to Survive and Strive” as a PI.

We certainly don’t want to leave out Barry Nixon’s article on cannabis testing, an article that may keep you OUT of court! Michael Pugh is back with PI 101 and Angus Reed tells us how NOT to be victim of an ADA scam!

PI Agency Profile features our friend, Mike Riggs of Riggs Investigations, one of Florida’s top investigations firm. Mike was a great cop and a great PI!
As always, PI Magazine emphasizes the importance of the NCISS legislative column by Wes Bearden. Its so important we keep up with newly enacted legislation and what is being proposed – it’s our livelihood at stake!

Don’t miss this and much, much more in this issue of PI MAGAZINE!

Black Swan Remote Extraction Machine
Apple Investigations - Overview
What is WAD?
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The Art of “Searching.”

  By Jeff Evans, Delvepoint Utilizing a database for investigations really is an art. Combing through billions of records and documents looking for your needle in the haystack. Modern technology has made it possible, but do you know how to make your data platforms sing? The golden rule in data searching, is “Less is More.”…

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Family Members Disrupting Terrorist Attacks

Family terror networks (or alternatively, family affiliated terrorism) involve two or more people from the same clan who support the threat or use of terrorism. Well-known examples of such incidents include two sets of brothers on 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombers, and the San Bernardino terrorists. Less appreciated is the role family members have in…

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