Isu#Date/YearArticle TitleAuthorTypeSubTypePg
151June '17Eavesdropping and the Vicarious Consent Exception: Creating the Zero-Party State?Jared LarsonCover30
151June '17So, You Want To help Free A Wrongfully Convicted PersonGrace Elting CastleFeature14
151June '17What's Next: How Will Background Screening Be Done In the Age of the Smart Machine?W. Barry NixonFeature18
151June '17Seven tips for Pis to Make Themselves Invaluable to AttorneysApril HigueraFeature22
151June '17PI Charles Crowley and Mrs. Cornell: A 1900's Conspiracy?Daniel J. DemersFeature24
151June '17The Future of Pass-Through S Corporations Mark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
151June '17Alternative Income in a Hard EconomyJohnny WaltersDept.Business36
151June '17Operating a Process SerivingBusiness in a Changing World of TechnologyKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving10
151June '17The Contradictins of Logic and LawKevin ToalDept.Process Serving12
151June '17Find Social Media ProfilesCynthia HetheringtonDept.Internet FYI34
151June '17Exposing Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct in the Lovlace CaseBill ClutterDept.Investigating Innocence38
151June '17Gone PhishingKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator44
151June '17NCISS UpdateDept.Legislative Update58
151June '17ISPLA UpdateBruce H. HulmeDept.Legislative Update62
150March '17Why I Got Out Of The Dating GameBill LambCover33
150March '17Handling Incoming VerificationsAnthony Luizzo and Phil LuizzoFeature14
150March '17The Maze of Rules Surrounding Retention of Background Screening RecordsW. Barry NixonFeature18
150March '17A Beginner's Guide To Surveillance, Digital, Security and Privilege Sam Guiberson and Jeremy GillulaFeature22
150March '17Tax Deductible Internet MarketingMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
150March '17A Brief Timeline of Impactuful Forms of E-ServiceKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving10
150March '17Using The Affidavit of Attempted Service to Combat "Failure to Serve" Kevin ToalDept.Process Serving12
150March '17Searching Emoticons OnlineCynthia HetheringtonDept.Internet FYI38
150March '17Withholding of Records Ruled Illegal in OhioRandy LudlowDept.Investigations40
150March '17Understand Your State's Law regarding The Use of GPS Devices by PI'sMichael J. GugliottiDept.Investigations5
150March '17The Questionable Conviction of David RobinsonBill ClutterDept.Investigating Innocence42
150March '17The USB Drive Dilemma To Pull or NotKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator46
150March '17NCISS UpdateFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update58
150March '17ISPLA UpdateBruce H. HulmeDept.ISPLA Update62
149Jan '17Three Steps To Taking Better StatementsJohn A. Hoda, CLIFeature14
149Jan '17Fiverways to Beat Laptop LethargyDrew RobbFeature22
149Jan '17Why I Joined Professional Associations -- When I didn’t Think I Needed ToJane CarcraftFeature18
149Jan '17The Grass Is Not Always GreenerJames S. PeetFeature26
149Jan '17Last Minute Taz savings and Potential PitfallsMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
149Jan '17New York Passes Assault LegislationKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving10
149Jan '17"The Enmy of My Enemy is My Friend" - SometimesKevin ToalDept.Process Serving12
149Jan '17FBI's Missing Persons and Most Wanted Featured Dept.FBI News36
149Jan '17Top Tips For Better NetworkingDept.Networking38
149Jan '17How To Increase Your Retainers Jimmie MesisDept.Marketing40
149Jan '17The Exoneration ProjectBill ClutterDept.Investigating Innocence44
149Jan '17Ten Myths of The Computer WorldKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator46
149Jan '17Alternative Work Arrangements Give Rise To The Gig Economy W. Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding56
149Jan '17NCISS UpdateFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
149Jan '17ISPLA UpdateBruce H. HulmeDept.ISPLA Update62
148Nov '16Test The Dead: What Pis Need To Know About DNA SamplingDrew RobbCover34
148Nov '16Catfishing - Undercovering The TruthStacy JonesFeature18
148Nov '16Can A PI Be A Criminal ProfilerGrace Elting CastleFeature22
148Nov '16Workers Compensation Claims Fraud - The ultimate List of Red FlagsAdam VisnicFeature26
148Nov '16How To Interview The Prosecution's WitnessJane CracraftFeature30
148Nov '16Compensating The Boss - With A Low Tax BillMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
148Nov '16Razzle, But No DazzleJim SilvaniaDept.Business16
148Nov '168 Tips For Social Media Skip TracingKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving10
148Nov '16Sampling To Build Memory AidsKevin ToalDept.Process Serving12
148Nov '16Yes, We Can Look In The MailboxAndrew RichardsDept.Process Serving14
148Nov '16Time To Say Goodby and Provide My Last Few TipsMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI17
148Nov '16How To Raise Your Hourly RateJimmie MesisDept.Marketing40
148Nov '16Innocent Victims of A Serial KillerBill ClutterDept.Investigating Innocence44
148Nov '16Lets Talk About Data RecoveryKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator48
148Nov '16Professional Plaintiff Sues 46 Employers For Alleged FCRA Violations - Will Your Client Be NextW. Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding56
148Nov '16NCISS UpdateFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
148Nov '16ISPLA UpdateBruce F. HulmeDept.Legislative Update63
148Nov '16WhistleblowersEugene FerraroCover30
147Sep '16When Investigative Agencies are Family BusniessesJimmie MesisCover40
147Sep '16Investigations With Individuals Who Are DeafStacy JonesFeature20
147Sep '16Death Investigations: Is There Room For ImprovementDeena Clawar, MS, LPI, VSMFeature30
147Sep '16Law Enforcement Officers as OffendersVernon J. GeberthFeature24
147Sep '16Train, And Be PreparedHakim EslamiFeature36
147Sep '16Employees, Payroll, Overtime and TaxesMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
147Sep '16Process Server Brings Lawsuit Against Judge, Thanks To Body CameraKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving10
147Sep '16Sometimes The Neightbors Are WrongKevin ToalDept.Process Serving12
147Sep '16Planning Your PI Association ConferenceWilliam F. Blake, CPP, CFEDept.Assocations14
147Sep '16Maybe…Just MaybeMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI19
147Sep '16The Empathetic InvestigatorJane CarcraftDept.Investigation46
147Sep '16PI Lynn-Marie Carty: Her Work May Free Tommy Zeigler From Florida's Death RowBill ClutterDept.Investigating Innocence48
147Sep '16RansomwareKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator52
147Sep '16Exposed: The Myth of The FBI Database Being The Gold Standard of Background ChecksW. Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding56
147Sep '16NCISS UpdateFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
147Sep '16ISPLA UpdateBruce H. HulmeDept.ISPLA Update63
146July '16Using Surveillance As A Tool For Protective IntelligenceJoseph LaSorsaCover36
146July '16Don't Worry About It: Visual Perception Theory and SurveillanceJeff DavisFeature18
146July '16Using Surveillance For Family Law CasesJane CracraftFeature22
146July '16Searching Civil Court Records Like A ProBrian WillinghamFeature26
146July '16Conducting Ethical Adoption Searches - And Do No HarmDebra AllenFeature30
146July '16New Rules to Impact The Lease/Buy DecisionMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
146July '16Address Verification: DebatingThe Legalities of Looking In A Defendants MailboxKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving10
146July '16I'll Have A Double-Double, and Krista Working Tonight?Kevin ToalDept.Process Serving12
146July '16The Road to Being a Security Consultant and Expert WitnessWilliam F. Blake, CPP, CFEDept.Specialty14
146July '16Passwords: They Can Come Back To Haunt YouMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI33
146July '16Increase Business With A Website BlogJimmie MesisDept.Marketing40
146July '16The Legacy of PI Susan Carlsons Investigation Frees Eddie Bolden After 2 Decades In PrisonBill ClutterDept.Investigating Innocence42
146July '16Crypto Currency- The Future of MoneyKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator48
146July '16The Need For Speed: Are Your Background Checkstaking Too Long?W. Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding52
146July '16Hit The Hill' and NCISS Annual ConferenceFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
146July '16Drone Best PracticesBruce H. HulmeDept.Legislative Update63
145May 16'Investigating religions, Cults & The OccultWade SellersCover34
145May 16'Working With Criminal Defense AttorneyDavid L. BoudreauFeature16
145May 16'Infinity ScreeningW. Barry NixonFeature20
145May 16'Growing A PI AssociationWilliam F. Blake, CPP, CFEFeature24
145May 16'The Curtis Lovelace StoryBill ClutterFeature30
145May 16'Correcting Business Boo-BoosMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
145May 16'There's No Debate: E-Service and Filing Is Coming In WavesKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving10
145May 16'Wait, The PatienceKevin ToalDept.Process Serving12
145May 16'Fire Investigations 101: Vehicle Fire BasicsAngie SweeneyDept.Investigation42
145May 16'Non-Accidental Animal Injury = Munchausen By ProxyCraig PardarelliDept.Investigation56
145May 16'Your Winning PI Website BlueprintJimmie MesisDept.Marketing44
145May 16'Mining Information From SEC FilingsMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI49
145May 16'The Great Apple DebateKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator50
145May 16'Dealing With Control FreaksJim SilvaniaDept.Ethics54
145May 16'NCISS' 40-Year MilestoneFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
145May 16'ISPLA ReportBruce H. HulmeDept.Legislative Update62
144March '16Understanding Metal Health CourtsJane CracraftCover36
144March '16The Evolution of Alcohol TestingKelly L. MartinezFeature26
144March '16The Influence of Diabetes in MVACraig PradarelliFeature28
144March '16Google is Not an InvestigationJean MignoletFeature32
144March '16When To Reject A ClientJane CracraftFeature36
144March '16Savings From Another Late LawMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
144March '16The Importance of Continuing Professonal EducationJon Gallant, CFEDept.Business46
144March '16Myths, Misconceptions and Confusion About background Checks Can Get You In TroubleBarry NixonDept.Backgrounding10
144March '16How To Handle Three of The Thoughest Service of Process ScenariosKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving14
144March '16Calling Their BluffKevin ToalDept.Process Serving16
144March '16Exonerees in Texas Form Non-Profit Detective Agency Devoted to Freeing The InnocentBill ClutterDept.Investigation Innocence20
144March '16Investigating Innocence Helps Solve Lincoln CaseBill ClutterDept.Investigating Innocence23
144March '16Scientific Citations For The Professional InvestigatorCraig PradarelliDept.Investigation44
144March '16Obtaining Your Video Surveillance, Being PreparedEric GrimesDept.Investigation54
144March '16Fire investigations: Things that make you go "hmmmm"Angie SweeneyDept.Investigation56
144March '16How Secure Are Your CommunicationsMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI49
144March '16Five things I.T Pros Do To Stay SecureKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator50
144March '16The Numbers Don't Lie!Jimmie MesisDept.Marketing60
144March '16NCISS ReportJames HuckabeeDept.Legislative Update62
144March '16ISPLA ReportBruce H. HulmeDept.Legislative Update63
143January '16The Investigator's Role in Settlement CasesJane CraCraftCover32
143January '16Fire Investigations 101: On Scene BasicsAngie SweeneyFeature18
143January '16Insight From The Mirror of ChaosGeorge Michael NewmanFeature22
143January '16Environmental Investigations: Wading Through A World Of DocumentsCarol MooreFeature28
143January '16Tips For Serving Active U.S MilitaryKimberly Faber and Stephanie IrvineFeature26
143January '16The Professional Way To Find A ProMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
143January '16The Trafic Live Shooting At WDBJ-TV Demonstrates Why Reference Checking MattersBarry NixonDept.Backgrounding10
143January '16Multiple Serves Can Be A BonusKevin TotalDept.Process Serving14
143January '16New DNA Testing Methods Offer Hope To The InnocentBill ClutterDept.Investigating Innocence16
143January '16Why Bother With Discovery and DetailsGrace Elting CastleDept.Criminal Defense38
143January '16So You Wanna Be A PIDept.Investigation42
143January '16Old Is GoldMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI49
143January '16The Cost Of FreeKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator50
143January '16Ethics and EtiquetteKitty HaileyDept.Book News54
143January '16FBI Offers Rewards For Fugitives And Missing ChildrenDept.FBI News56
143January '16A Message from NCISSJames E. HuckabeeDept.Legislative Update58
143January '16ISPLA ReportBruce H. HulmeDept.Legislative Update62
142November '15LEO Domestic AbuseStacy JonesCover42
142November '15Avoiding ConflictsForrest Plesko, JDFeature28
142November '15Desert Snow/Civil ForfeitureDrew RobbFeature32
142November '15TBI and Criminal BehaviorJane CracraftFeature36
142November '15How To Deal With MediaDon ShookFeature24
142November '15Abandon Everything But Tax SavingsMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
142November '15Ban The Box Is A Double Edge Sword And Dilemma For EmployersDerek Hinton and Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding10
142November '15The Power of Public Speaking: Managing Fear and Building Your BusinessJoe SerioDept.Ethics14
142November '15Text Messaging Process Service is Offically HereKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving18
142November '15The Case of Jeffery DeskovicBill ClutterDept.Investigating Innocence20
142November '15SnapChatMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI49
142November '15Getting Rid of That Annoying Windows 10 Pop UpKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator50
142November '15The Redi Response AppKevin McClainDept.Technology54
142November '15Creation of a BookJack FayDept.Book Review57
142November '15A Message from NCISSFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
142November '15ISPLA ReportBruce H. HulmeDept.Legislative Update62
141October '15Fetal Kidnapping The Extraction of A Fetus From A Pregnant VictimVernon Geberth, MS, MPSCover42
141October '15My Computer Has Been KidnappedDrew RobbFeature24
141October '15As The Aca Stands After ScotusMark E. BattersbyFeature38
141October '15Is The Job Ever Really Over?Kitty Hailey, CLIFeature32
141October '15Two WayMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
141October '15Coordinating Background Field Investigations: Multiple PIS in Different States on a Tight DeadlineRonald J. AlvarezDept.Investigations10
141October '15Ethics - A Matter of PerspectiveChristoper T. MacoliniDept.Ethics16
141October '15Adopting E-Filing: A Human Issue?Kimberly FaberDept.Process Serving18
141October '15Innocence As A Worldwide MovementBill ClutterDept.Investigation Innocence20
141October '15The Seven Year Reporting Rule: 'To Report or Not To Report'? That is The QuestionBarry NixonDept.Backgrounding29
141October '15Bringing P.E.A.C.E to AmericaJohn A. Hoda, CLIDept.Investigation34
141October '15Instagram SearchesMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI49
141October '15The Good, The Bad and the Ugle About Licensing in IrelandJane CracraftDept.International News52
141October '15Computer Monitoring and AnalysisKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator50
141October '15A Message From NCISSFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
141October '15ISPLA ReportBruce H. HulmeDept.Legislative Update62
140July '15How to Select a Surveillance Vehicle Andrew KiddCover38
140July '15Marketing Your Surveillance SkillsBill ClutterFeature32
140July '15Life After InvestigationJane Cracraft, CLI Feature45
140July '15Setting Up For SurveillanceJohnston BlakelyFeature42
140July '15The C.A.R.E System of InterviewingCharles WilliamsFeature34
140July '15The High Cost of Missing The EMV Chip Card SwitchMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
140July '15Surveillance on Demand: The FilmFlam Man's $1 Million GambleJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.Business10
140July '15Spokeo V. RobinsBarry NixonDept.Backgrounding19
140July '15Life Insurance Fraud and Illegal BeneficiariesDean Beers, CLIDept.Investigations24
140July '15Expanding our "Imagination Muscles"Ronald J. AlvarezDept.Book Review28
140July '15The Dilemma of Out-Of-State Deposition Subpoena ServiceKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving30
140July '15Real Data CarvingKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator50
140July '15An Investigator's Personal Crisis in IowaDarwin E. RittgersDept.Perspective52
140July '15A Message from NCISSFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
140July '15ISPLA ReportBruce H. HulmeDept.Legislative Update62
139June '15Private Eye in the SkyJames NanosCover46
139June '15What if the most important witness is a child?Jane Cracraft, CLI Feature38
139June '15What Children Can Teach A Private InvestigatorBrian WillinghamFeature36
139June '15Introduction to Interviewing Child Sexual Assult VictimsLawrence W. DalyFeature32
139June '15Conducting Pre-Litigation Asset SearchesPhillip BecnelFeature42
139June '15Money In, Money OutMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
139June '15A Safety Guide For Private Investigators: How can bullet proof vests helpChris TaylorDept.Business24
139June '15Exposing Police MisconductBill ClutterDept.Investigation Innocence10
139June '15What Does Google Really Know About YouMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI17
139June '15It Seems like Background Screening is Under SiegeBarry NixonDept.Backgrounding19
139June '15Motorcycle Accident Investigation and ReconstructionCraig M. PradarelliDept.Investigations26
139June '15Growing Your Business and Getting Paid: The Trouble with PrepaymentKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving30
139June '15 When Osint Fails: Tracing with SubpoenaKevin J. RipaDept.The Digital Investigator50
139June '15A Primer on Third World International InvestigationsJeffery A. WilliamsDept.International News53
139June '15A Message from NCISSFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
139June '15ISPLABruce H. HulmeDept.Legislative Update62
138April '15Foster Care Investigations: Parental Locates and Diligent SearchesRonald AlvarezCover44
138April '15Our Search For a Missing Mother in TexasKelly RiddleFeature38
138April '15Tips for Investigating Drug Facilitated Sexual AssaultsCraig PradarelliFeature32
138April '15How Your Subconscious Mind Talks to MeFernando FernadezFeature35
138April '15Serial Killers:Myth vs. FactStacy JonesFeature40
138April '15The Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014Mark BattersbyDept.Business7
138April '15Getting to Know the Truth. Discover the Real Message. Know the Truth. Know Deception.Grace Elting CastleDept.Book Review10
138April '15The Magnificent Seven:Coming Trends Will Impact Background ScreeningBarry NixonDept.Backgrounding11
138April '15The Case of Rodney LincolnBill ClutterDept.Investigating Innocence14
138April '15Driving While TextingMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI20
138April '152014-2015 PI Survey StatisticsDept.Survey Says24
138April '15You Can't Guess The Reaction When Serving ProcessKevin ToalDept.Process Serving26
138April '15Private Investigator vs. Online Website SearchKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving28
138April '15Computer Forensic Investigation Timeline AKA Why Does it Take So Long To Finish My Case?Kevin RipaDept.The Digital Investigator50
138April '15A Message from NCISSFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
138April '15In Memoriam Almeda E. Dunn, PhDDept.Legislative Update61
138April '152015 Starts The 2-Year Session of the 114th Congress - ISPLA Completes Its Sixth YearBruce HulmeDept.Legislative Update62
137February '15Understanding the Characteristics of a PedophileStacy JonesCover46
137February '15The Pretext:A Sword that Cuts Both WaysBrian DeAntonioFeature32
137February '15Establishing a Backgrounding SpecialtyGrace Elting CastleFeature36
137February '15The Role of the Investigator in Negligent Security CasesWilliam Blake & James Carino Jr.Feature38
137February '15The Science of Justice:A Matter of OpinionRonald AlvarezFeature42
137February '15Updating the Health Care Reforms for Tax SavingsMark BattersbyDept.Business7
137February '15Best Practices and Standards Arrive for Background ScreeningBarry NixonDept.Backgrounding10
137February '15How Two Pis Freed Jonathan FlemingBill ClutterDept.Investigating Innocence14
137February '15News, News…Who Wants News?Michele StuartDept.Internet FYI18
137February '15National Report:Identifying the CulpritJane CracraftDept.Investigations20
137February '15What's In An Address? You'd Be SurprisedNeil CaddellDept.Investigations26
137February '15International NewsDept.International News27
137February '15A Sense of Humor Has HelpedKevin ToalDept.Process Serving28
137February '15Now's The Time To Make Changes For EfficiencyKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving30
137February '15If Cars Could TalkJohnston BlakelyDept.Surveillance52
137February '15CDs and DVDs For Backup and StorageKevin RipaDept.The Digital Investigator54
137February '15Establishing International Networking and CredibilityBob HealesDept.Legislative Update62
137February '15ISPLA NewsBruce HulmeDept.Legislative Update63
136December '14Building MembershipJane CracraftCover44
136December '14Forensic Taphonomy and The PIPat ImbimboFeature34
136December '14Inside the Mind of a Domestic AbuserStacy JonesFeature40
136December '14Uncovering Doubt in the One-Witness CaseJohn Hoda, CLIFeature37
136December '14Affordable, Essential InsuranceMark BattersbyDept.Business7
136December '14Five Background Check Red Flags You May Be MissingDennis LawrenceDept.Backgrounding10
136December '14A Chance for RedemptionRosemary CamozziDept.Wrongful Conviction14
136December '14New and OldMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI16
136December '14Investigating Innocence: The Case of Ed GrafBill ClutterDept.Perspective18
136December '14Ten Lessons Learned From My Early Years with DeathCraig RimerDept.Investigation22
136December '14The Skiptracer's Guide to Effective CommunicationAlex PriceDept.Investigation26
136December '14Pet Detective Rihana CaryDept.Specialty28
136December '14How Exactly Has Process Service Evolved in 2014Kimberly FaberDept.Process Serving32
136December '14Undercover in Puerto Rico:A Truly Tropical ChallengeFernando FernadezDept.International News50
136December '14"It's Just a Phone" -- People, Rumors, Cellular Forensics, & SpywareKevin RipaDept.The Digital Investigator54
136December '14Letter From The PresidentFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update62
136December '14Need for Congressional "Spear Carrier"Bruce HulmeDept.Legislative Update63
135October '14Rail Train Coupled with Product Failure AccidentsCraig Wesley RimerCover48
135October '14FBI Comes Into the 21st CenturyBill ElliottFeature42
135October '14Documenting Evidence of Mental IllnessCraig PradarelliFeature44
135October '14Canvassing: An Indispensable ToolJane CracraftFeature38
135October '14Cyber Security Risk Management 101Mark BattersbyDept.Business7
135October '14Whooooo's Ya Client?Leroy EverhartDept.Business20
135October '14The Dirty Little Secret About Negligent Hiring that Pis Need to KnowW. Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding10
135October '14Exoneree David Camm's Journey to Portland: a PI's Personal TriumphBill ClutterDept.Wrongful Conviction14
135October '14A New Way to Search TweetsMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI18
135October '14Investigation Discovery Premieres Nowhere to HideDept.In the Media23
135October '14The New MySpace for InvestigationsNicole LiferDept.Internet24
135October '14The Board Accredited Investigator DesignationJimmie MesisDept.Assocations26
135October '14Gratitude and GratuitiesKitty HaileyDept.Perspective27
135October '14Interviewing a Child ClientRandee WaldmanDept.Criminal Defense28
135October '14Nine Things Process Servers Cared About this YearKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving34
135October '14A Client May Make Mistakes: We CannotKevin ToalDept.Process Serving36
135October '14When Laptops Get StolenKevin RipaDept.The Digital Investigator52
135October '14NCISS Regulatory Alert: Call to Action: Unfair Licensing RequirementsFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update62
135October '14ISPLA Supports IASIRBruce HulmeDept.Legislative Update63
134August '14Rural Surveillance: It's a Country ThingAlan GoodmanCover44
134August '14Physical Investigations Versus Unmanned Surveillance PlatformsRobert OrozcoFeature40
134August '14Sometimes You Need to Stick Out to Stay HiddenBilly ReynoldsFeature42
134August '14Federal Contract Work: Is a PI License Required?Jane CracraftFeature36
134August '14Newer New Rules for Repair CostsMark E. BattersbyDept.Business7
134August '14Colorado Legislature Approves Mandatory Licensing for PisJane CracraftDept.Business17
134August '14Background Screening Likely to Get Harder Before it Gets EasierW. Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding10
134August '14Criminal Record Checks in the NewsMichael SankeyDept.Backgrounding48
134August '14Private Investigators as Heroes of JusticeDiane DimondDept.Wrongful Conviction14
134August '14Some Tricks you Should Know About FacebookMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI16
134August '14Living in a Paperless Digital Age: What? I Never Signed That!E'Lyn BryanDept.Doc Exam18
134August '14Red Flags: Questioned Documents in Financial Elder Abuse CasesM. Patricia FisherDept.Doc Exam55
134August '14The Versatility of a Femal Surveillance SpecialistAndrea OrozcoDept.Perspective24
134August '14A Look Into the Practical Methods for Legal InvestigationsDean Beers, CLIDept.Legal Investigations27
134August '14How to Overcome Price Checking: Selling on ValueKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving32
134August '14The Client Isn't Always Right: How to Avoid Making Mistakes When Serving ProcessKevin ToalDept.Process Serving34
134August '14Facebook Graph Search for InvestigationsErin Conners and Nicole LiferDept.Internet52
134August '14Forensic GenealogyLeslie Brinkley LawsonDept.PI Specialty49
134August '14NCISS UpdateFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update62
134August '14ISPLA Reports History and Importance of Financial SupportBruce HulmeDept.Legislative Update63
133June '14Using Computer Forensics to Prove a CaseKevin RipaCover46
133June '14Extreme Fraud: The 419 ScamRonald AlvarezFeature37
133June '14Rocky Mountain HighEugene FerraroFeature40
133June '14Uncovering Munchausen by InternetStacy JonesFeature43
133June '14Fast Track and Tax Audits that Ain'tMark BattersbyDept.Business7
133June '14How PIS Can Help Brand Owners Fight CounterfeitingMark KusicDept.Business10
133June '14Decoding Counsel: Critical Tips for Working with LawyersAnthony ZinnantiDept.Business20
133June '14Investigator Suing Nevada Licensing BoardJane CracraftDept.Business50
133June '14The Rise in Applicants Suffering From the Pinocchio Syndrome Causing Havoc in the Hiring ProcessW. Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding10
133June '14Cellular Applications and Celllular Security CompromisesMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI18
133June '14Investigating Innocence: The Case of Darlie RoutierBill ClutterDept.Innocence24
133June '14The Role of the PI in Finding Runaway Foster Kids for Child Welfare AgenciesEdward Gavin and Kathleen GavinDept.Specialty28
133June '14Are You Part of the $600-Billion Dollar Undercover Mystery Shopping Industry?James LoweryDept.Specialty52
133June '14Process Servers on Whether to Video While ServingKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving32
133June '14Why I Use Video in Process ServingKevin ToalDept.Process Serving34
133June '14Pinterest for InvestigationsErin Conners and Amanda ForneyDept.Internet FYI55
133June '14NCISS NewsFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
133June '14ISPLA Submits Position to the National Technical Information Service Why Access of the Social Security Administration Death Master File by Private Investigators Should be ContinuedBruce HulmeDept.Legislative Update61
132April '14Attention to Animals Provides PI OpportunitiesRihana CaryCover46
132April '14Advantages of Including Interns in a PI FirmJoe Gill/Jimmie MesisFeature36
132April '14Coping with Difficult InterviewsCraig Wesley RimerFeature43
132April '14How Many Bodies?Joseph ThorntonFeature39
132April '14A Tax Guessing GameMark BattersbyDept.Business7
132April '14Beware! Don't Let Licensing Laws Trip You UpJane CracraftDept.Business14
132April '14PI Convicted of Witness Tampering: Crossing the LineJimmie MesisDept.PI Perspective9
132April '14Weathering the Sea Change in Fair Credit Reporting Act Litigation in 2014Rod Fliegel and Jennifer MoraDept.Backgrounding10
132April '14Mapping SitesMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI18
132April '14Check Fraud BasicsDavid Cook, Esq.Dept.Fraud20
132April '14Forensic Photography: A Tool for InvestigatorsKeith RosenthalDept.Technology24
132April '14Investigating Grave RobbingsGrace Elting CastleDept.Specialty28
132April '14Mistakes May Equal DisasterKevin ToalDept.Process Serving32
132April '14GPS: Directions and Attempt Logging Become the Modern Audit for Process ServersKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving62
132April '14First Congress of ICPI Successful in UkraineWarren LevicoffDept.International News55
132April '14NCISS Annual Hith the Hill in DC * Legislation NCISS Is WatchingFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update58
132April '14ISPLA - Would You Pay For Legal Access to Federal Criminal Records That are Necessary for Conducting Lawful Investigations?Bruce HulmeDept.Legislative Update59
131February '14Botox and Body LanguageCatherine TownsendCover44
131February '14Bogus Liens Threaten ClientsDavid Cook, Esq.Feature34
131February '14Specializing in Criminal DefenseLee DresselhausFeature38
131February '14The Value of NetworkingKitty HaileyFeature42
131February '14The Small Employer Health Insurance Tax CreditMark BattersbyDept.Business7
131February '1410 Most Common Bookkeeping MistakesTracy CollinsDept.Business14
131February '14Enjoying the FantasyKevin ToalDept.PI Perspective9
131February '14Managing the Minefield of Dealing with Military Discharges in Background ScreeningW. Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding10
131February '14FBI Announces "Cyber Most Wanted" ListFBIDept.FBI Most Wanted16
131February '14The World of HashtagsMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI18
131February '14Freeing David Camm A Private Investigator's Dogged Pursuit of the TruthBill ClutterDept.Wrongful Conviction20
131February '14Ten Tips for Successful MarketingJane CracraftDept.Marketing26
131February '14Taking Advantage of Google HummingbirdJimmie MesisDept.Marketing48
131February '14How to Investigate with InstagramChris GormleyDept.Investigations30
131February '14Message from our New President - Bob HealesDept.Legislative Update58
131February '14A Special Message From Larry Sabbath NCISS is in Good HandsDept.Legislative Update59
131February '14ISPLA Legislative New BriefBruce HulmeDept.Legislative Update60
131February '14Is Service of Process via Facebook the Future of Electronic Service?Kimberly FaberDept.Process Serving62
130December '13Investigating Identity TheftCarrie KerskieCover44
130December '13Creating a Specialty: Investigating for Political CandidatesMichael CorwinFeature33
130December '13The Freedom of Information is DiscoveryDavid Cook, Esq.Feature36
130December '13Personal Injury Investigations: The Comparative Fault FactorJane CracraftFeature40
130December '13Partying for a Tax DeductionMark BattersbyDept.Business7
130December '13Criminal Records are Becoming the New Hot PotatoW. Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding10
130December '13The Smart Phone: The Investigator's Tool BoxKeith RosenthalDept.Technology14
130December '13Throw Away EmailsMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI20
130December '13Texas Case Sets Precedent in Parental Kidnapping RecoveriesLogan ClarkeDept.Criminal22
130December '13Excellence in Cross-ExaminationJoseph ThorntonDept.Book Review27
130December '13Crime Scene Reconstruction and Blood Stain Pattern Analysis: The Case of Christopher VaughnBill ClutterDept.Investigations28
130December '13AustraliaMichael KingDept.International News50
130December '13Ireland Dept.International News50
130December '13Canada Find Out Who You're Serving Before You KnockKevin ToalDept.International News51
130December '13NCISS UpdateFrancie KoehlerDept.Legislative Update60
130December '13ISPLA Legislative New BriefBruce HulmeDept.Legislative Update61
130December '13Incorporating Social Media Into Your BusinessKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving62
129October '13Hague Convention & International Child AbductionStacy JonesCover44
129October '13Critical Steps to a Successful Missing Person CaseKenneth Cummings & Christiaan DeWaalFeature32
129October '13Surveillance with Sherlock Holmes: Less-Is-MoreKen Mark MacBeanFeature36
129October '13And Now the Jury Has a Few Questions….Jane CracraftFeature40
129October '13Tax Savings with EquipmentMark BattersbyDept.Business7
129October '13Social Media Intensifies Background Screening InformationChris GormleyDept.Backgrounding10
129October '13Epigenetics and Mitigation Providing Discernable Definition Within the Context of ActionsGeorge Michael NewmanDept.Technology12
129October '13The Old New MySpaceMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI17
129October '13Advance Planning for Executive Protection Security of Food Service OperationsAngus ReedDept.Security18
129October '13Investigating Information-Based CrimesGrace Elting CastleDept.Book Review23
129October '13Do a Professional InvestigationJohn LecceseDept.PI Perspective24
129October '13Hidden Evidence in Portable Navigation DevicesRon LeviDept.Surveillance26
129October '13Cameras Available for Those Who Choose Not to Sit and WaitTy CaryDept.Surveillance30
129October '13Germany the Importance of LogisticsLothar MullerDept.International News50
129October '13Canada Combining Computer Research with Pavement PoundingKevin ToalDept.International News50
129October '13Ireland FTC Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Irish Privacy Enforcement AgencyDept.International News55
129October '13The Unbreakable Walking-Stick UmbrellaMark MaasDept.Defense56
129October '13Does Anyone Really Know What Social Media For Business Means?Kimberly FaberDept.Process Serving62
128August '13Penetrating the Smokescreen: Investigating the Gul Oil Spill and Its AftermathDrew RobbCover40
128August '13Selecting the Perfect BinocularsEvan FleishmanFeature36
128August '13Handling Disclosure of InfidelityStacy JonesFeature45
128August '13The Emotional Impact of InvestigationsJane CracraftFeature48
128August '13Home Free with Home Office DeductionsMark BattersbyDept.Business7
128August '13Inaccurate Reporting Becomes Target for FTC and Lawyers Set on a Big PaydayBarry NixonDept.Backgrounding10
128August '13What Can a PI Do With Latent FingerprintsPasquale ImbimboDept.Technology13
128August '13Searching Social PlatformsMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI17
128August '13Asking for Public Assistance!Diana TrepkovDept.Missing Person19
128August '13Peter Arthur Heims, Vincent L. Ruffolo and Susan Lee (Kreer) Carlson, CLI, CRTDept.In Memoriam20
128August '13Surveillance: Doing What Comes NaturallyKitty Hailey, CLIDept.Surveillance22
128August '13Hidden Evidence in Portable Navigation DevicesRon LeviDept.Surveillance26
128August '13A Day in the Life of a New York Surveillance InvestigatorJason FrascaDept.Surveillance28
128August '13Ten Tips for a Successful SurveillanceScott FlumerDept.Surveillance30
128August '13An Unexpected TrophyKevin ToalDept.Surveillance32
128August '13Surveillance: Keeping Your CoolJohn MorrisDept.Surveillance34
128August '13Right to Audio/Video Record ArrestsRussel WilliamsDept.Surveillance35
128August '13How to Win Hands Down!Thomas MilesDept.International News52
128August '13The Benefits of Using Good Case Management-SoftwareKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving62
127June '13Bloodstain Pattern Analysis: The Case of David CammBill ClutterCover40
127June '13Using Process to Drive Workplace InvestigationsEugene FerraroFeature28
127June '13USV Daugerdas: A Cautionary Tale About Investigating JurorsThaddeus HoffmeisterFeature32
127June '13Cells in CellsRosemary CamozziFeature36
127June '13The Inquiry Agent: Leadership for the PI In ChargeKen Mark MacBeanDept.Business7
127June '13Traumatic Death and the PIPasqual "Pat" ImbimboDept.Investigation10
127June '13How to Find a ConfessionDavid Cook, Esq.Dept.Investigation14
127June '13Using Social Media Sites To Find PeopleKevin ToalDept.Process Serving18
127June '13Facebook Graph SearchMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI21
127June '13Due Diligence John "Jack" FayDept.Books23
127June '13Check Out Those FBI PagesJimmie MesisDept.FBI News24
127June '13Watch for These Most Wanted or Missing!Dept.FBI Wanted26
127June '13Workplace Drug Screening: A Primer for Private InvestigatorsW. Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding48
127June '13Ten Free and Cheap Ways to Market Your Process Serving FirmKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving62
126April '13The Father of Data FusionJimmie MesisCover45
126April '13Post Conviction Relief…The Role of the Legal InvestigatorSusan Carlson, CLIFeature32
126April '13You're a PI. Do Some Research!Brinton CaryFeature38
126April '13Five Tips for Interviewing Elderly WitnessJane CracraftFeature41
126April '13A Cure for CRSJim SilvaniaDept.Business7
126April '13Rates and the Professional InvestigatorRobert OrozcoDept.Business12
126April '13People Skills - Four Principles for a Successful Investigative StrategyWade SellersDept.Business18
126April '13Over the Fiscal Cliff for Tax SavingsMark BattersbyDept.Business26
126April '13Understanding the Spree KillerGrace Elting CastleDept.Criminal48
126April '13LinkedIn - Is Your Connection Real?Michele StuartDept.Internet FYI25
126April '13How to Balance Your Personal Life and PI CareerStan PopovichDept.Health10
126April '13Pis: A New Paradigm in Contract Examination Under Oath Coverage InvestigationsBryan BeckmannDept.Specialty14
126April '13Practice of Using Credit Checks for Hiring is FadingW. Barry NixonDept.Backgrounding50
126April '13Myth: Digital Media Do Not Require Additional DocumentationPhilip A. Becnel IVDept.Investigation21
126April '13How to Protect Yourself and Your ChildrenLeon IvesDept.Perspective22
126April '13Five Do's and Five Don'ts on Handling Client ComplaintsKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving58
126April '13Judgment Limits Criminal RecordsMichael RicksDept.International News11
126April '13Crackdown Causes Concern for Pis in ChinaGrace Castle, CLIDept.International News60
125February '13Investigating Spell Casting and Psychic ScamsStacy JonesCover40
125February '13How Pis Can Better Serve the Blind or Visually Impaired ClientRonald AlvarezFeature28
125February '13Forensic Linguistics: Language and LawJane CracraftFeature32
125February '13Indentifying & Proving EmbezzlementDavid Cook, Esq.Feature36
125February '13Selling Yourself to be a Staff Investigator?Pasquale ImbimboDept.Business7
125February '13Succession PlanningMark BattersbyDept.Business16
125February '13How to Start Your Own Process Serving BusinessJames LoweryDept.Business49
125February '13A New Tool for Solving CrimesJames W. BassettDept.Criminal19
125February '13Reference GuidesMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI25
125February '13Know the Truth…or Not?Grace Elting CastleDept.Criminal Defense44
125February '13Burn Out…Can it Happen to You?Susan Carlson, CLIDept.Investigator Health54
125February '13Ten Random Thoughts About Investigaor EthicsSteven KirbyDept.Ethics10
125February '13Talk Isn't Cheap..It's PricelessJoe HinkleDept.Security56
125February '13Know What to Say When My Clients Ask, "Is My Cell Phone Bugged?"Kevin MurrayDept.Technology26
125February '13The Do's & Don'ts of Computer SecurityEvan FleishmanDept.Technology50
125February '13Five Key Elements Every Process Server Website Should HaveKimberly FaberDept.Process Serving60
124December '12Exploring Terminal BallisticsCraig Lawrence, CPP CASCover37
124December '12Meeting the Challenge of Interviewing Crime VictimsCuris Burkett, Terry Cox, Dan Riemer and David YoungFeature24
124December '12Helping the Client Who Was AdoptedNorma TillmanFeature29
124December '12Shaken Baby Syndrome: A Lesson to be LearnedCraig PradarelliFeature30
124December '12Affordable Health Care and TaxesMark BattersbyDept.Business7
124December '12What Every Insurance Investigator Should Know About What Claimants Are Told by a Disability Claims RepresentativeC.W. SellersDept.Insurance Investigations10
124December '12Paperless and PortableMike WorleyDept.Technology16
124December '12You've Been TaggedMichele StuartDept.Internet FYI19
124December '12United Kingdom: Twitter and the LawLuke ScanlonDept.International News20
124December '12What's Happening in Background Screening?W. Barry NixonDept.Background Checks45
124December '12How to Collect Large Dollar JudgementsDavid Cook, Esq.Dept.Asset Investigation48
124December '12Asset Recovery Leveraging Bank Search DataMike DoresDept.Asset Investigation51
124December '12What Every Gun Owner Should Know About Being Falsely AccusedDottie DeHartDept.Protecting Yourself54
124December '128 Signs Your Process Serving Firm Isn't Ready for Social MediaKimberly FaberDept.Process Service60
123October '12Dead Men Don't Talk, But the Packing Slip WillDavid Cook, Esq.Cover30
123October '12Tips for Planning and Conducting Large Scale InvestigationsCharles Piper, CFE, CFS, CRTFeature22
123October '12Using Body Language as an Investigating ToolMary BargemanFeature26
123October '12Criminal ProfilingStacy JonesFeature40
123October '12Hidden in Plain SightGeorge Michael Newman, CFE, CII, CCDI, CIPFeature43
123October '12Seven Reasons Newsletters are Effective at Building Your Business - and How to Get StartedPaul BaepplerDept.7
123October '12Getting Smarter with a Tax DeductionMark E. BattersbyDept.10
123October '12Seven Habits of Highly Effective Private InvestigatorsJon Gallant, CFEDept.48
123October '12Pamela Laughon: Life Saver - Life Coach - Lifelong FriendKitty Hailey, CLIDept.13
123October '12More Than 2,000 in 23 Years: Can You Add to the List of Exonerations in The US?Jane CracraftDept.16
123October '12FBI Announces Improved Images of "Most Wanted"Dept.20
123October '12Message Boards And ForumsMichele StuartDept.19
123October '12Lazy, Lying, Lecherous and Luke-Warm Performing EmployeesW. Barry NixonDept.37
123October '12The Fter Method: Forensic Testimonial Evidence RecoveryBrandon A. Perron, CCDIDept.46
123October '12Guilty by AssociationChris WoodsonDept.52
122August '12Commercial Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS)George Michael Newman, CFE, CII, CCDI, CIPCover42
122August '12Child Custody SurveillanceStacy Jones & Jamie RichardsonFeature38
122August '12The Birthday PresentKitty Hailey, CLIFeature22
122August '12Long Term Stationary SurveillanceJeff KimbleFeature28
122August '12Surveillance Strategies for Staying SharpCarol Jakucs, RNFeature26
122August '12Tips on Building and Selling a PI BusinessRosemary CamozziDept.9
122August '12Changes in the Repair/Replace Tax RulesMark E. BattersbyDept.12
122August '12It's Not TV EasyJohnny WaltersDept.15
122August '12Using Forensic Histopathology to Determine Cause of DeathCraig M. Pradarelli, MDDept.16
122August '12Adding the Black Box to the Investigator Tool KitDrew RobbDept.32
122August '12GV-Iview AppLoc NguyenDept.50
122August '12EEOC Upends Background Screening with New Position on Criminial Background ChecksW. Barry NixonDept.35
122August '12Who Will We Believe?David Kracke, Attny. At LawDept.48
122August '12Using Age Progression Photos in Missing Person CasesDiana TrepkovDept.58
122August '12Twitter - It's Growth and Ways to Harvest InformationMichele StuartDept.21
121June '12Slavery is Alive in the USA and Beyond: Investigators NeededDrew RobbCover40
121June '12Medical Professionals Who Murder Their PatientsBruce SackmanFeature24
121June '12Religiously Motivated Child Medical NeglectStacy JonesFeature20
121June '12How to Prepare Your Witness for TrialJane CracraftFeature32
121June '12The Business of Your Business CardRuth FrendoDept.7
121June '12An IOU For the IRSMark E. BattersbyDept.8
121June '12Beyond The Desktop PCEvan FleishmanDept.12
121June '12Notaries Don't Just Sign and Stamp StuffChrissey LaddDept.55
121June '12Who Are You?David J. CookDept.14
121June '12Navigating the United State Court System for Effective Criminal Records ResearchRobert CapwellDept.29
121June '12Rock Solid: Using a TripodTy CaryDept.38
121June '12How to Start Your Own Process Serving BusinessRuth ReynoldsDept.49
121June '12Russian Organized Crime and Trafficking in WomenWalt ZaliskoDept.58
121June '12Canada's Trafficking Mystery: Jessie Foster - Vanished!Diana TrepkovDept.62
121June '12Internet Sites Aid Trafficking InvestigationMichele StuartDept.18
120April '12Fracks, Frauds and Toxic TortsJohn PowersCover42
120April '12Investigating Teen KillersStacy JonesFeature20
120April '12Interviewing Skills: The Pis Most Valuable ToolGrace Etling Castle, CLIFeature26
120April '12The New Wave of Female InvestigatorsJane CracraftFeature32
120April '12Investigation Ethics Demand Going the DistanceKitty Hailey, CLIDept.8
120April '12Creating a Systems-Orientated "War Room"Ken MacBean, BAI, LPDDept.12
120April '12Writing Reports to Express - Not ImpressSusie WrightDept.53
120April '12Due Diligence and Background InvestigationsRory J. McMahon, CLIDept.16
120April '12Web-Based, Wire Transer Scames Dominated 2011 TrendsDept.25
120April '12Investigation of Maritime AccidentsThomas J. Cashio, CLIDept.49
120April '12Use a Head Shot to Exude ProfessionalismBrinton CaryDept.19
120April '12Are You Ready to Offer Infinity Screening?W. Barry NixonDept.29
120April '12Five Steps to Avoid Being HackedDavid GeerDept.38
120April '12Conducting Investigations in CubaDept.58
120April '12Finding a PI In ThilandFrank G. AndersonDept.60
120April '12AustraliaDept.62
120April '12Verification of Information for FreeMichele StuartDept.18
119February '12Men of Vision: Building Big AgenciesJane CracraftCover48
119February '12Investigating and Understanding Stalking BehaviorStacy JonesFeature28
119February '12Black Serial Killers: The Perception Versus RealityVernon Geberth, MS, MPSFeature42
119February '1210 Ways to Profit From a ConferenceBrinton CaryDept.8
119February '12Battling High Vehicle Costs With Taxes Year 'RoundMark E. BattersbyDept.12
119February '12Maximizing Your Client's Satisfaction for Bigger ProfitsJon Gallant, CFEDept.16
119February '12Beware The Crime LabGrace Castle, CLIDept.18
119February '12The Convict DebriefingGeorge Michael Newman, CFE, CII, CCDI, CIPDept.20
119February '12The Enterprise Agent: Needs and Wants "Planning"Ken Mark MacBean, BS, MET, MS, LPDDept.24
119February '12Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Background ScreenersMontserrat MillerDept.34
119February '12Badges of Fraud in Real Estate Transactions - Kicking Over the Rotton LogsDavid Cook, Esq.Dept.18
119February '12How Pis Can Track the Elusive HackerDavid GeerDept.54
119February '12Your Website - A Crucial AssetRuth FrendoDept.19
119February '12Need a Little Help?Michele StuartDept.23
118December '11My Client, a Wanted FugitiveLisa ReedCover38
118December '11Using PI Magazine in the ClassroomJane CracraftFeature26
118December '11Investigating In-Custody DeathsKathleen CunninghamFeature34
118December '11The Basics of an Autopsy ReportKaren Beers, CCDIFeature46
118December '11Seeing is BelievingTy CaryDept.8
118December '11QR Codes, The High Tech Business CardAnayat DurraniDept.10
118December '11Deductions: Get'em While You CanMark E. BattersbyDept.12
118December '11Investigating Un-Intended Acceleration IssuesJohn BellahDept.16
118December '11How to Locate Someone When Databanks Aren't EnoughJane CracraftDept.56
118December '11Transitioning from LEO to PIRonald J. AlvarezDept.22
118December '11Pis Can Join the Fight Against Illegal ImmigrationW. Barry NixonDept.30
118December '11Special Cell Phone TipsThomas MilesDept.54
118December '11Important State News, Tips and Notes, Court Upholds Citizen's Right to Video the PoliceDept.58
118December '11How to Open and Operate a Financially Successful Private Investigations BusinessEvan FleishmanDept.60
118December '11Some Pretty Cool Phone Tricks and AppsMichele StuartDept.21
117October '11Defending Military Veterans Who Have PTSDGrace Elting Castle, CLICover42
117October '11Investigating Women and InnocenceBill ClutterFeature28
117October '11Coming Home, To A Place He's (She's) Never Been BeforeGeorge Michael Newman, CFE, CII, CCDI, CIPFeature50
117October '11New Courts Help Miliary VeteransGeorge Michael Newman, CFE, CII, CCDI, CIPFeature56
117October '11The Social Media PIAnayat DurraniDept.6
117October '11Ask and You Will Likely ReceiveJimmie MesisDept.21
117October '11Battling City Hall, Taxes and FeesMark E. BattersbyDept.8
117October '11Managing the Stress of Being a PIStanley PopovichDept.12
117October '11ATM Frauds: A Special PI NicheRuth FrendoDept.14
117October '11Online Social Media Employment Screening Comes of AgeW. Barry NixonDept.16
117October '11Using Forensic Botany to Find a GraveCraig M. Pradarelli, MDDept.22
117October '11A Review of FacebookMichele StuartDept.27
117October '11Fingerprint Science under a Magnifying GlassJoan A. ScanlonDept.36
116August '11The Art of SurveillanceJimmie MesisCover44
116August '11Steady Videotaping TechniquesJimmie MesisCover49
116August '117 Tips for Videoing the MalingererDr. James WarsonFeature36
116August '11Foot Surveillance in MidtownRonald J. AlvarezFeature40
116August '11GPS Monitoring: Fourth Amendment Search?Kailey Moran & Timothy B. SchweringFeature54
116August '11I Think We're Alone NowKitty Hailey, CLIDept.6
116August '11Bargain Hunting for SurvivalMark E. BattersbyDept.10
116August '11Avoiding Tunnel IntelligenceDean Beers, CLIDept.14
116August '11FBI Announces "The Vault"Dept.18
116August '11What Should a PI Know About Forensic Scientists?Stephen J. Cina, MDDept.20
116August '11Using GPS For SuccessJames PetrieDept.22
116August '11Are you listing in Google Places?Jimmie MesisDept.26
116August '11Beyond The Name, Rank, and Serial NumberW. Barry NixonDept.28
116August '11Just a Little HelpMichele StuartDept.35
115June '11Abuse by Psychiatrists and Psychiatric Facilities: A Growing Area of InvestigationDrew RobbCover44
115June '11Conducting a Great InterviewJane CracraftFeature38
115June '11What a PI Should Know About MalingeringKathleen CunninghamFeature52
115June '11When the Client Turns ToxicSusan Carlson, CLIDept.6
115June '11Advertising, Marketing, Entertaining and DeductionsMark E. BattersbyDept.9
115June '11Conflict ResolutionJim Silvania & Janna Yeshanova-StephensDept.14
115June '117 Tips for the Newly-LicensedRonald Coleman, CFEDept.16
115June '11Ethics - Morals - ScruplesKitty Hailey, CLIDept.20
115June '11Pre-Trial Litigation Asset Searches Can Be IllegalSusan NashDept.24
115June '11Fast and Furious Motor Vehicle Checks Make the Roads SaferW. Barry NixonDept.28
115June '11Practical Methods of Legal InvestigationsDon JohnsonDept.34
115June '11Things That Make You Say "Cool"Michele StuartDept.37
114April '11Profile of the American Woman PIJane CracraftCover36
114April '11Getting Down and Dirty: Conducting Trash HitsColleen CollinsFeature26
114April '11Dealing with the Paranoid Schizophrenic ClientJim SilvaniaFeature32
114April '11Attorney Privilege v Work ProductSusan Carlson, CLIFeature50
114April '11Strategic Management for the Future of PisMatt JonesDept.8
114April '11New Social Security Number RandomizationJimmie MesisDept.10
114April '11Preparing to Present in CourtSue Marquette PorembaDept.13
114April '11It May Not Be the Economy's FaultMichael J. WestDept.16
114April '11Tax Savings After the DeadlineMark E. BattersbyDept.18
114April '11Everybody was Kung Fu FightingAnayat DurraniDept.22
114April '11Government Can Be Good!Michele StuartDept.31
114April '11Trust, But VerifyW. Barry NixonDept.56
113February '11How to Succeed in International InvestigationsDeborah Van RooyenCover42
113February '11How to Successfully Wrap "Expert Witness" Around Your "Professional Investigator" StatusJudd RobbinsFeature24
113February '11Pharmaceutical Fraud: A Billion Dollar IndustryStacy JonesFeature36
113February '11"Check-The-Box" for Tax SavingsMark E. BattersbyFeature54
113February '11Using Critical ThinkingMatthew JonesDept.6
113February '11What Do They See When They See You Coming?Stephen GowerDept.10
113February '11A Head Injury Primer for the PIDr. James WarsonDept.14
113February '11The Gangsta's NarrativeGeorge Michael NewmanDept.18
113February '11It's Easy Being a Green PIAnayat DurraniDept.30
113February '11Why Hiring a Veteran and/or Disabled Veteran is a Win-Win SituationKelly CahalanDept.34
113February '11Not Your Grandfather's Background CheckW. Barry NixonDept.48
113February '11Is the Internet Always Good?Michele StuartDept.29
112December '10Public Schools Hire PIsJane CracraftCover48
112December '10CybersquattingPaul R. ParadiseFeature26
112December '10Understanding Nonprofit Financial FraudStacy JonesFeature38
112December '10The Enterprise Agent: "What It Takes"Ken Mark MacbeanFeature44
112December '10Making the Ethical ChoiceDennis H. ChevalierDept.6
112December '10Adoption SearchingNorma TillmanDept.8
112December '10Your Electronic FootprintSean MulhollandDept.12
112December '10iPhones: A Great Resource for PisAnayat DurraniDept.16
112December '10What's the Right Laptop for the Investigator?Drew RobbDept.18
112December '10The Romeo and Juliet FactorSusan Carlson, CLIDept.20
112December '10GeolocationMichele StuartDept.31
112December '10Preparing for Success! The Importance of a Business PlanBrinton CaryDept.32
112December '1010 Tips for Testifying in CourtColleen CollinsDept.36
112December '10New Regulations Imposed for Entities Furnishing Information to CRAsBret CohenDept.54
111October '10Investigators Fight to Keep "Public Records" PublicJane CracraftCover40
111October '10Investigator vs. Ohio Police DepartmentsMartin YantCover46
111October '10Public Record UpdateMichael SankeyCover50
111October '10Reading the Criminal MindJoan A. ScanlonFeature20
111October '10Let Their Words do the Talking: Text Bridges and the Micro-Action InterviewJohn R. Schafer, PH.D.Feature34
111October '10A Unique Opportunity: Sportsmen in TroubleTy CaryFeature52
111October '10Consequentialism: Ethics in the Investigative WorldKitty Hailey, CLIDept.8
111October '10To Plea or Not - That is the Question!Susan Carlson, CLIDept.12
111October '10Don't Forget to Make a Media FileDavid YoungDept.14
111October '10Are You Branded?Grace Elting CastleDept.26
111October '10Missing Person Cases… they're the same, but different!Kelly Cahalan and Glenn HolmesDept.30
111October '10Could This Happen To Your Investigation Firm?W. Barry NixonDept.56
111October '10Something New!Michele StuartDept.61
111October '10Inside the Criminal MindE'Lyn BryanWAD65
111October '10WAD Takes A Turn for the BestBob HealesWAD70
111October '10Honour for WAD Member Dick Smith, QPMWAD71
111October '10International News from the UKRichard D. Jacques-TurnerWAD72
111October '10Security SnippetsWAD74
111October '10Lucky 7: Strategies for Collecting Past Due ReceivablesDiana L. GarrenWAD76
110August '10Not Your Father's Fire InvestigationDrew RobbCover22
110August '10Master Trackers Investigate on FootJane CracraftFeature32
110August '10Investigating Abuse and Neglect in Nursing HomesJamie Richardson and Stacy JonesFeature40
110August '10What Pis Need To Know About the Use of Credit, Arrest and Conviction ChecksBarry NixonFeature46
110August '10The Third Time Is NOT A Charm!Craig M. PradarelliDept.8
110August '10The IronKey Personal S200 Flash DriveEugene NielsonDept.12
110August '10Pre-paid cell phones: why every PI needs oneMark MaasDept.14
110August '10Profits: Plow Back or a Separate Nest-Egg?Mark E. BattersbyDept.18
110August '10Right Side Up: The Investigation of Schemes to DefraudBill E. BranscumDept.28
110August '10Evolving background checks into a Reputational Due Diligence modelS. Jennifer Sellas-ManninoDept.52
110August '10The Development of an Alternative Crime Scene ReconstructionDonald R. SchuesslerDept.56
110August '10Statistics on Social Networking SitesMichele StuartDept.61
110August '10Safe Hiring: A Holistic ApproachWAD65
110August '10International InvestigationsRichard D. Jacques-Turner, CPP, WAD NEWS EditorWAD68
110August '10WAD Announces New Executive TeamWAD70
110August '10WAD Endorses Boston University ProgramChuck McLaughlinWAD71
110August '10A Brief Insight into Investigations in ChinaHai YangWAD72
110August '10Profile of a Life MemberWilliam J. LapworthWAD76
109June '10Threat Investigations: Steps to Prevent Workplace ViolenceGeorge ApfelCover38
109June '10Investigating Stalking CasesDaniel M. KimmettCover44
109June '10Media 101: When to call in the press and how to do itSusan Carlson, CLIFeature26
109June '10The Basics of Interviewing or InterrogatingGary Aschenbach, Jr.Feature30
109June '10Conducting Asset Searches for AttorneysRonald Coleman, CFEFeature48
109June '10Nanotechnology: Don't forget the little stuffAric DutelleDept.8
109June '10Exporting Basic Forensic InvestigationAric DutelleDept.12
109June '10Steganography 101Michael L. PitzerDept.16
109June '10Smoke and Mirror Degrees Could Put Your Firm's Reputation at RiskW. Barry NixonDept.18
109June '10Investigating a Taser CaseLarry SmithDept.22
109June '10Archive.orgMichele StuartDept.56
109June '10A 12 Year Quest for JusticeKevin McClainNALI-TLI65
109June '10The Legal Investigator and Federal Sentencing GuidelinesRodney P. "Rod" BakerNALI-TLI69
109June '10Successful New Approach to ConferencesJane CracraftNALI-TLI74
109June '10W.A.D. NewsRichard D. Jacques-Turner, WAD NEWS EditorWAD77
109June '10The Trojan Solved It!Robert-Jan MoraWAD78
109June '10Contacts you do not make at your deskHermann KaminskiWAD80
109June '10Profile of a Life MemberKeith SchafferiusWAD81
109June '10German court overturns law on phone & e-mail dataMelissa Eddy & Verena Schmitt-RoschmannWAD82
109June '10Meet Some of the Seminar SpeakersWAD84
109June '10Glorious Amateurs NeededCharles T. PinckWAD86
109June '10Are You Working IN Your Business, or ON Your Business?Gary H. KutyWAD88
108April '10Prosecutor's New Tool:Familiar DNAJane CracraftCover48
108April '10DNA Answers from an ExpertAric DutelleCover52
108April '10Conducting Witness and Client Locates for AttorneysRonald Coleman, CFEFeature28
108April '10Digital Forensics: Enlisting for the New FrontierJoan A. ScanlonFeature36
108April '10The Admissibility of Digital Evidence in CourtDavid HooverFeature44
108April '10Background Checks: Are You a Consumer Reporting Agency?W. Barry NixonDept.8
108April '10Business: Profitable Cost Accounting SavingsMark E. BattersbyDept.12
108April '10Business: How to Win the Battle Against Illegal Unlicensed ActivityMeagan BernabeDept.16
108April '10Business: The Hidden Cost of Unlicensed CompetitionAllison PitzerDept.20
108April '10Investigation: Investigating TrashSue Marquette PorembaDept.22
108April '10Investigation: Sources of Public Information Often OverlookedRobert SimmonsDept.26
108April '10Internet FYI: 2010: A MONSTER Year?Michele StuartDept.56
108April '10The Legal Investigator and the Autopsy ReportDean Beers, CLINALI-TLI65
108April '10My HeroesMichael PiersonNALI-TLI69
108April '10Mission Impossible: Wrongful Death Verdict after 7 YearsThomas QuigleyNALI-TLI72
108April '10The World Association of Detectives' 85th Annual Conference in MaltaWAD77
108April '10European IKD Project - The 'Leonardo Da Vinci' ProgramMatthias G. WillenbrinkWAD80
108April '10Mitigation SpecialistsDr. Robert A. PalmerWAD82
108April '10Investigative Opportunities in a Down EconomyDouglas O. CrewseWAD84
108April '10Trans-Siberian ExpressVladimir SolomanidinWAD86
108April '10£ 500,000 Penalty Proposed for Serious Breaches of UK DPA 1998WAD88
107February '10Interviewing the Incarcerated: "It's all the same, only different"George Michael NewmanCover42
107February '10Interviewing Persons with Personality DisordersJ. Lucy Boyd, RN, BSNFeature16
107February '10"Gotcha" Surveillance Tips from a Surveillance VeteranCW SellersFeature26
107February '10Investigating Caregiver AbuseJamie Richardson and Stacy JonesFeature34
107February '10International Cooperative Effort Finds Coins for Museum/Tibor Csatari's Story is Important Part of Hungary's PI HistoryPI MuseumFeature50
107February '10Evidence: iPhone Evidence: The New SourceJohn MinorDept.8
107February '10Investigation: Trends that Impact Background Screening FirmsW. Barry NixonDept.12
107February '10Fraud: Fraud Investigation with Strategic PartnershipsDavid S. MurphyDept.22
107February '10Marketing: Why PI Agencies FailJimmie MesisDept.25
107February '10Internet FYI: Medical ResearchMichele StuartDept.54
107February '10The Street Interview: Interviewing in the 'Hood: How to Get the Most Information from Gang MembersSusan Carlson, CLINALI-TLI65
107February '10The 5 Things that Saved My BusinessJohn A. Hoda, CLINALI-TLI72
107February '10WAD NewsGreg Scott, Chairman of the BoardWAD77
107February '10Bio-Secure Drinking Water for Hospitals, Police, First Responders, and Civic and Business LeadersAthol Meder & Steven EinselWAD78
107February '10Assignment: South AfricaAndy GrudkoWAD80
107February '10IKD-ODV Annual Executive MeetingWAD84
106December '09Why'd He Do That?...The Case for Mitigation InvestigationKitty Hailey, CLICover38
106December '09"Heal My Wounds" - The "Suicide" of Meriwether LewisEvedene BennettFeature22
106December '09Investigating Treatment Programs for Troubled TeensBarbara BergerFeature27
106December '09Truth Be ToldJoan A. ScanlonFeature30
106December '09Preserving and Acquiring Cell Phone Carrier EvidenceJohn MinorFeature44
106December '09Perspective: CredibilityKirk R. Menard, LPIDept.8
106December '09Business: Forever Tax SavingsMark E. BattersbyDept.10
106December '09Business: Qualities of a Good InvestigatorSue Marquette PorembaDept.14
106December '09Forensics: Keeping Abreast of DNAGrace Elting CastleDept.18
106December '09Investigation: Charges Dismissed Against Massachusetts PINardizzi & Associates, Inc.Dept.20
106December '09Process Service: Serving MySpace and FacebookLawyerist.comDept.21
106December '09Internet FYI: Cool New Sites of 2009Michele StuartDept.48
106December '09International News: Checking in With Investigators in AustraliaJane Cracraft, Associate Editor for Legal InvestigationsDept.80
106December '09Crime Scene Photos: Can You Believe What You See?William Elliott, CLINALI-TLI61
106December '09Was I a Hero?Thomas L. Brooks, CLINALI-TLI69
106December '09NALI Mid Winter Conference 2010 in ScotsdaleNALINALI-TLI65
106December '09W.A.D. NewsRichard D. Jacques-Turner, WAD NEWS EditorWAD73
106December '09World Association of Detectives HistoryRichard D. Jacques-Turner, WAD NEWS EditorWAD74
106December '092009 Conference Report - Rio DeJaneiroWADWAD76
105October '09Recorded Evidence for Private InvestigatorsPaul GinsbergCover38
105October '09Protecting Your Business from the "Domino's Effect"Joe DysartFeature22
105October '09Creating Productive Relationships with Attorney-ClientsJane Cracraft, Associate Editor for Legal InvestigationsFeature30
105October '09Google Street View for InvestigatorsWilliam KennedyFeature46
105October '09Understanding and Investigating Native American GangsGeorge Michael NewmanFeature50
105October '09Technology: War Driving: Detecting and Investigating Wireless Network IntrusionMichael SheetzDept.8
105October '09Business: Beyond the Standard Deduction for Cars, Vans and TrucksMark E. BattersbyDept.12
105October '09Business: Consider a Criminology SpecialtyRonald F. WorstDept.16
105October '09Business: Developing an Area of SpecializationCraig M. PradarelliDept.18
105October '09Miscellaneous: Suicide by Cop PhenomenonDept.28
105October '09NewsBriefs: Information OverloadClay RenickDept.29
105October '09Internet FYI: So, What's New Now?Michele StuartDept.56
105October '09The New Executive CouncilNALINALI-TLI71
105October '09The Legal Investigator's Relationship with FamiliesDean Beers, CLINALI-TLI78
105October '09Rewarding Injustice: Financial Incentives and Implications for the InvestigatorMark MurnanNALI-TLI72
104August '09Conducting Criminal Records Investigations for AttorneysRonald Coleman, CFECover40
104August '09Will Windows 7 be "VISTA Done Right"?Joe DysartFeature18
104August '09Do You Have an Operational Fraud Program?William Anderson, CFCi, CAS, CHS IIIFeature28
104August '09Tell Me No Lies!Joan A. ScanlonFeature34
104August '09Your Next Client Could be City HallJane CracraftFeature48
104August '09Legal: Two States Take Important Steps on Wrongful ConvictionsDept.8
104August '09Perspective: The Case Against Mandatory CERoger Schmedlen, CPP, CFE, CII, MIPIDept.10
104August '09Spotlight: McMahon Goes Against All Odds in the Name of JusticeGrace Elting CastleDept.14
104August '09Business: Those Posters Can Increase Your Income!Dept.22
104August '09Business: FBI's Ten Most WantedDept.24
104August '09Business: Are You Working Smart?Susie WrightDept.26
104August '09Finances: "ME" Funding 101Mark E. BattersbyDept.46
104August '09Internet FYI: No More "Hide and Seek"!Michele StuartDept.51
104August '09Ethics: Foul PlayKitty Haily, CLIDept.54
104August '09International News: The World of International Background ChecksJane CracraftDept.69
104August '09Child Deaths: Not Evert Tragedy is a CrimeRich RobertsonNALI-TLI71
104August '09The Usefulness of Historical ResearchKathy Waeshe, CLINALI-TLI76
104August '09Mission Impossible: Defending a Felony AssaultL. Alexander ToiaNALI-TLI75
103June '09Lethal Weapons Considerations for PisMark MaasCover38
103June '09The Red Flags of InfidelityJohn G. TinsleyFeature14
103June '09Cell Phone Spy Ware: More Truth than FictionThomas SlovenskiFeature18
103June '09Investigation of a DrowningLloyd W. DavisFeature22
103June '09Interviewing the Child WitnessStacy JonesFeature26
103June '09Perspective: The World Knows…Now What?Grace Elting CastleDept.8
103June '09Fraud: Kessler Uncovers Ponzi SchemeJane CracraftDept.10
103June '09Wanted: Wanted by the FBI: Thousands of Talented Professionals to Serve the NationDept.35
103June '09Internet: Deep Web People SearchesMichele StuartDept.47
103June '09Internet: New Internet Explorer Could Distort Websites!Joe DysartDept.47
103June '09International: Cross-Border Investigations: The Ins and Outs of Investigating in MexicoCraig Lawrence, CPP CASDept.66
103June '09How to Become a Safety ConsultantTom Baird, CLINALI-TLI71
103June '09You Need to be Selling, Like it or NotMark MurnanNALI-TLI76
103June '09Have We Gotten Lazy?Thomas L. Brooks, CLINALI-TLI80
103June '09Mission Impossible: Determining the Timing of an InjuryRobert H. Joseph, CLINALI-TLI75
102April '09Mortgage Fraud: the Schemer - the Scammer - the SlammerJohn D. Chime, MBA, PICover34
102April '09Investigating Teenagers' ActivitiesJane Cracraft, CLI Feature20
102April '0910 Tips for Interviewing TeenagersSteve WilsonFeature24
102April '09Conventions, Trade Shows and Tax Write-OffsMark E. BattersbyFeature28
102April '09Continuing Education: How Professionals Keep Their EdgeRobert A. Dudash, CFEFeature50
102April '09Investigations: 5 Types of Canvasses Made EasyJoseph L. GiacaloneDept.8
102April '09Business: Enforcing Civil Judgments in a Debtor-Friendly ClimateChristina SmileyDept.10
102April '09Professionalism: Those Important Professional WordsJerry CarltonDept.14
102April '09Internet FYI: WHAT Did That Say?Michele StuartDept.18
102April '09International: A Look at the PI's Life in SpainJane Cracraft, CLI, Associate Editor for Legal Investigations Dept.68
102April '0912 Rules of Testifying at a TrialJohn M. LajoieNALI-TLI71
102April '09Dealing with Rogue InvestigatorsThomas L. Brooks, CLINALI-TLI76
102April '09Warning: College Teching May Not Be What You ExpectJim Sylvania, CLINALI-TLI80
102April '09Mission Impossible: Recovering a ChildKitty Hailey, CLINALI-TLI78
101February '09Tips for Righting a Wrongful ConvictionCraig Lawrence, CPP CASCover34
101February '09Keeping It Legal: The Recording ControversyRoger Schmedlen, CPP, CFE, CII, MIPIFeature18
101February '09Digital Forensics: Little Digits with a Big ImpactClay RenickFeature26
101February '09Gang Related Investigations: Diving into a Capricious Arcade MirrorG. Michael NewmanFeature42
101February '09Protecting Against Data TheftPamela Mills-SennFeature52
101February '09Surveillance: Handling Law Enforcement ContactCW SellersDept.8
101February '09Business: Think Like Grandma and Save MoneyCraig PradarelliDept.10
101February '09Marketing: Obtaining Clients in a Depressed EconomyKitty HaileyDept.14
101February '09Internet FYI: The Difference Between Search Engines and DirectoriesMichele StuartDept.24
101February '09Economics: Surviving - and Profiting from - the EconomyMark E. BattersbyDept.58
101February '09Probate Litigation InvestigationsThomas I. Brooks, CLINALI-TLI61
101February '09Where's Rose?John Hoda, CLINALI-TLI64
101February '09Mission Impossible: Defending a Prison Yard StabbingG. Michael NewmanNALI-TLI66
101February '09Mission Impossible: Defending an Aryan Brotherhood CaseG. Michael NewmanNALI-TLI68
100December '08Corporate Undercover InvestigationsSteven EasleyCover44
100December '08Social Networking: Using MySpace & Facebook to your advantageJane Cracraft, CLI Feature10
100December '08Negligent Security InvestigationsPamela Mills-SennFeature16
100December '08Autopsy ProtocolCraig M. PradarelliFeature28
100December '08Affordable, Useful, and cool PI tech gearJames CarelessFeature34
100December '08New trends in private investigatingTerah SheltonFeature40
100December '08Training: Merlin WizdomRussell BokorDept.7
100December '08Understanding Voice Over Internet Protocol VoIPMindi McDowellDept.8
100December '08Motivation: The Uncomfort Zone:Robert WilsonDept.14
100December '08Street Spanish: Going beyond the Spanish language textbookArthur NatellaDept.22
100December '08Internet FYI: Using County DatabasesMichele StuartDept.28
100December '08Your PI Business: Taking the Cold out of CallsMark J. MurnanDept.54
100December '08Rosa's Cantina and El Paso: Investigation of a legendCraig M. PradarelliDept.66
100December '08Surveillance: It ain't easy!Joseph White, CLINALI-TLI57
100December '08Mission Impossible: Medical Malpractice caseKathleen CunninghamNALI-TLI63
100December '08Mission Impossible: Process ServingThomas L. BrooksNALI-TLI64
100December '08Mission Impossible: Locating the defendant driverJane Cracraft, CLI NALI-TLI66
99October '08State lines and PIs on wheels: To Cross or Not to Cross?John HealyCover42
99October '08The Fraud FactorDaniel W. DrazFeature10
99October '08The Ghost Files: The Proof is out there?Anayat DurraniFeature18
99October '08Affordable deductible YEEPSMark BattersbyFeature30
99October '08Self Defense for the Private Investigator: The role of risk managementChristopher BauerFeature36
99October '088 Tips for renting cars on the jobAaron HoosDept.8
99October '08Civil Rights: Second amendment victoryJimmie MesisDept.14
99October '08Technology: Copyright office launches new technologyDon JohnsonDept.16
99October '08Identity Theft: The red flag rulesCarrie KerskiDept.26
99October '08Internet FYI: News ResearchMichele StuartDept.28
99October '08Identification of Vonage phone numbersRobert ScottDept.40
99October '08International: The German Investigation IndustryMatthias G. WillenbrinkDept.76
99October '08Dealing with demanding clientsKitty HaileyNALI-TLI53
99October '08Criminal Defense: How could you do that?Jennifer BrownNALI-TLI56
99October '08Terrorist FinancingJane Cracraft, CLI NALI-TLI60
98August '08Forensic Art: Help for the private investigatorDiana TrepkovCover20
98August '08When the claim is SADGrace Elting CastleFeature32
98August '08Small business fraud investigationsPierre A. McLean, CFEFeature38
98August '08Internet wireless securityTerah SheltonFeature46
98August '088 Keys to building a reputable PI agencyDiana L.GarrenFeature52
98August '08Crime Detection: You are what you drinkGayle TrentDept.8
98August '08Fugitive Recovery in MexicoJavier C. VasquezDept.10
98August '08Time Saving TipsFrank HullDept.14
98August '08Surveillance: Getting into the woodsDavid WicksteadDept.16
98August '08Internet FYI: Photo SearchesMichele StuartDept.30
98August '08Networking: Nationwide manhunt launched by social networking siteStaffDept.36
98August '08Profile: Bob HealesJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.42
98August '08Investigating all terrain vehicle accidentsJim Silvania, CLINALI-TLI57
98August '08Choosing and using subcontractorsGary RiceNALI-TLI64
98August '08NALI HistoryStaffNALI-TLI67
97June '08Missteps at the Homicide Crime SceneVernon J. GeberthCover42
97June '08A Personal Risk AssessmentKurt LevinFeature12
97June '08Opposition ResearchSteve WilsonFeature26
97June '08International Investigations William F. Blake, CPP, CFEFeature38
97June '08Case Study: Wrongly convicted man freed by skin cell DNAJane Cracraft, CLI Feature64
97June '08Case Study: Using a private investigator to aid in making a citizen's arrestJeremy E. StephensDept.10
97June '08Partnerships: PI v. LEOJerry CarltonDept.16
97June '08Computers: Computer monitoring software - A trip down the felony highwayKevin J. RipaDept.18
97June '08Forensics: Is Forensics Anthropology Dead?Craig M. PradarelliDept.22
97June '08Internet FYI: Video and Photo SearchesMichele StuartDept.24
97June '08Investigative IntuitionDaniel W. DrazDept.32
97June '08What investigators need to know about Equine AccidentsThomas L. BrooksNALI-TLI51
97June '08Finding the light of truth in eyewitness testimonyJohn A. Hoda, CLINALI-TLI56
96April '08Diploma Mills: Tips for Identifying Fake Diplomas & DegreesGrace Elting CastleCover12
96April '08Snooze or Lose: Better Sleep When You Need ItClay RenickFeature26
96April '08Choosing a PI: What Lawyers WantDouglas S. CorleoneFeature38
96April '08Really Personal Injuries: Investigating Food OutbreaksClay RenickFeature42
96April '08Abuzz About Education: Colleges Are Adding Fraud ProgramsDaniel W. DrazFeature64
96April '08Tax Facts: Tax Breaks, Tax Savings & Your 2007 Tax BillMark E. BattersbyDept.18
96April '08Fraud Prevention: Fraud Prevention WorksDoug CashDept.22
96April '08Company Assets ResearchMichele StuartDept.24
96April '08Surveillance: The 10 Commandments of SurveillanceGregory PirnikDept.34
96April '08Winning a Major Verdict in West VirginiaCarol G. MooreNALI-TLI51
96April '08Dissecting the Discovery with Frame by Frame AnalysisKevin W. McClainNALI-TLI54
96April '08Surviving a Meeting with a LegendSamuel M. McPheters, CLINALI-TLI58
96April '08What's on the Other Side of the Door?Kathy Waeshe, CLINALI-TLI60
95February '08AntiforensicsKevin FayleDept.8
95February '08Forensic Signature Examination: Tips & Procedures for the PI Heidi H. HarralsonCover28
95February '08Google TricksMichele StuartDept.66
95February '08GPS: The New Face of SurveillanceRob GrootDept.17
95February '08Inside Criminal Minds: Using Forensic Document Examination to Fight CrimeE'Lyn BryanCover34
95February '08Learning Through The ListservJane Cracraft, CLI NALI-TLI58
95February '08Mitigation Investigation: Not for EveryoneSteve WilsonDept.42
95February '08NALI Investigators Meet in ColoradoStaffNALI-TLI55
95February '08Pies and the Fight Against White Collar CrimeDavid S. MurphyFeature20
95February '08Planning Your Home Office Expense Tax DeductionMark E. BattersbyFeature10
95February '08Recovering From Financial DisasterRon GetnerNALI-TLI62
95February '08The Art of Interviewing: Listening for What Wasn't SaidJane Cracraft, CLI Feature47
95February '08The Truth is Out There..or is it?Jim SilvaniaNALI-TLI64
94December '07Biological Forensics and the Professional InvestigatorRobert BoyleDept.8
94December '07Case Study: Auto Theft FraudBrian VanDenburgDept.16
94December '07Developing a Tactical MindsetRandy GonzalezFeature32
94December '07Interviews: The First Line of DefenseRikki GlenNALI-TLI58
94December '07Investigating Catastrophic Events: The Minnesota Bridge CollapsePaul JaebCover38
94December '07Meeting The Challenge of the CLI ExperienceTerry R. CoxNALI-TLI64
94December '07Mitigation: Positive Input for a criminal defense investigationKitty HaileyNALI-TLI61
94December '07NALI CLI Program: Elevating the standards of the ProfessionJohn M. LajoieNALI-TLI60
94December '07PI PuzzleMyles MellorDept.52
94December '07Records Management DebateDaniel W. DrazFeature10
94December '07Rural SurveillanceJerry CarltonFeature20
94December '07The fraud TriangleDoug CashDept.26
94December '07Using Internet Sites to Locate Public Record LinksMichele StuartDept.67
94December '07Utilizing and Understanding Business IntelligenceTerak SheltonFeature45
94December '07What You Need To Know About CLI ExamJennifer BrownNALI-TLI55
93October '07"Badges?"Chris WoodsonDept.8
93October '0711 Things Evert PI should knowNick SpillDept.10
93October '07Credibility of WitnessesJane Cracraft, CLI Feature50
93October '07Designing PI ReportsSteve WilsonDept.20
93October '07Employee Background InvestigationsLynn LevyDept.32
93October '07How Long is a Piece of StringLogan ClarkeFeature16
93October '07Let's Go BloggingMichele StuartDept.13
93October '07Pies In ParadiseAnayat DurraniFeature36
93October '07Proven Tips for Customer ServiceClay RenickFeature24
93October '07Sexual Harassment InvestigationMickey VeichDept.41
93October '07Underwater InvestigationsAric DutelleCover44
92August '07Are you Safe?Dept.46
92August '07Computer Crime CasesHarold JonesCover32
92August '07Computer Investigative TechniquesDavid GeerFeature28
92August '07Directory AssistanceMichele StuartDept.6
92August '07Disaster CityStaci SemradDept.42
92August '07PI HighwaysThomas MilesDept.38
92August '07Religious Affinity FraudSandy & Jeff Chrisman & Pete EvansFeature10
92August '07Website MakeoversJoe DysartFeature21
92August '07Witness Apprehensive AnticipationJerry CarltonFeature14
91June '07Cell Phone Forensics: Deleted Text RecoveryDan DrazDept.24
91June '07Consumer Fraud TrendsDan DrazDept.39
91June '07Crime Fighting Public Service Goes DigitalDept.8
91June '07Delusional Disorders & DetectivesEva SzigethyDept.10
91June '07HIPAA: What is it & Why do we care?Grace Elting CastleFeature18
91June '07Marketing Effectiveness: Identify Your Most Effective Marketing & Advertising InitiativesTrent CarlyleDept.60
91June '07No Time to LoseClay RenickFeature34
91June '07Seven Keys to Successful Domestic Relations InvestigationsBill MitchellDept.46
91June '07The Fine Art of Fine Art Recovery: Investigating Art TheftsAnayat DurraniFeature12
91June '07The Window Into Your Digital CameraRobert L. ParkeCover40
91June '07Using Databases Creatively: They are much more than just raw dataJohn HealyDept.62
91June '07When the Client is the MysteryJane Cracraft, CLI Feature28
90April '07Before you Begin MarketingMark J. MurnanFeature18
90April '07Canada: Where Privacy has PrimacyJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.69
90April '07Cars, Trucks, Vans, & Tax DeductionsMark E. BattersbyDept.12
90April '07Changing Identities: An introductionDavid AlmeidaDept.8
90April '07Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.54
90April '07Hiring the Right PersonJerry CarltonDept.15
90April '07How to Win Cases with Hidden DataMichael L. PitzerDept.38
90April '07PI BUZZTamara ThompsonDept.52
90April '07Public Records ResearchDavid AlmeidaDept.11
90April '07Robbing a Child's Identity Bruno PavlicekDept.34
90April '07Staging & Alterations: The CSI effect on Criminal InvestigationsVernon J. GeberthCover40
90April '07Technology Spotlight: GPS TechnologyJim RomeoDept.46
90April '07Teen Investigations: A primerCarl BartolFeature28
90April '07The Investigative Radar Screen: What are you monitoring in 2007?Daniel DrazFeature22
89February '07Digital Night Vision: Affordable Night Vision Gear for the Private Investigator Eugene NielsonDept.48
89February '07Ethics and the HP ScandalGrace Elting CastleCover40
89February '07Fundamentals of Fraud: What to do when the trail goes coldDaniel W. DrazDept.12
89February '07Gadgets, Gimmicks, & tricks of the tradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.56
89February '07G-man Surveillance TechniquesSam AndreanoFeature34
89February '07Intellectual Property InvestigationsJane Cracraft, CLI Feature18
89February '07Internet Surveillance and Counter- SurveillanceDaryl C. AdamsDept.32
89February '07Legal Investigations: Understanding and Successfully Applying Theme based investigationsShaun KaufmanDept.26
89February '07Lies, Damn lies, and LawsuitsLarry RossCover44
89February '07PI BuzzTamara ThompsonDept.52
89February '07S.A.V.E. for background InvestigationsDept.55
89February '07The Case of the Magic MirrorDel HahnDept.28
89February '07The Death of the GumshoeRebecca RobertsDept.22
89February '07The HP InvestigationCharles T. PinckCover38
89February '07The Kiddie Tax, the dreaded AMT and other DemonsMark E. BattersbyDept.8
88December '06"Myspace, Bebo"Andrew DaviesDept.50
88December '06Better Background InvestigationsDept.11
88December '06Book ReviewGary KutyDept.60
88December '06Cold Case Homicides: Approaches for the Private InvestigatorRichard H. WaltonCover40
88December '06Defending Against Sexual Abuse ClaimsMark J. MurnanFeature28
88December '06Fighting Fraud: Know When to Leave the Office and Take it to the StreetDaniel DrazFeature20
88December '06Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.54
88December '06K-9 Teams for the Private SectorDept.15
88December '06Managing High Profile Media CasesDan WillisDept.24
88December '06Mastering the Re-InvestigationGrace Elting CastleFeature36
88December '06PI BuzzTamara ThompsonDept.52
88December '06PI vs Witness: Taking Notes & Using QuotesJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.16
88December '06Professional Investigations How to Advertise your ServicesJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.8
88December '06Surviving in the PI Business: The first 25 yrsRon BurettaDept.12
88December '06The Forensic LocksmithBrian VanDenburgDept.34
88December '06Turning Bad Video into EvidenceDept.61
87October '06Book ReviewsDon JohnsonDept.57
87October '06Communicating with your ClientsDan DiazDept.12
87October '06DNA for InvestigatorsBob WickFeature24
87October '06Forensic Identifications Now Available for Eyeglass FragmentsDept.49
87October '06Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.52
87October '06How's Your Spanish? Korean? Polish? Portuguese?Jane Cracraft, CLI Feature28
87October '06Marketing to Insurance CompaniesDDept.14
87October '06Metal Detectors at the Crime SceneEugene NielsonFeature34
87October '06Nations Top Security Directors Saw Increased CompensationDept.43
87October '06North Carolina Establishes Innocence Inquiry CommissionDept.6
87October '06PI BuzzTamara ThompsonDept.50
87October '06Rootkits: Spyware on SteroidsDrew RobbDept.44
87October '06The Business of Investigations and SecurityGary KutyDept.18
87October '06The IRS Wants all its DueMark E. BattersbyDept.8
87October '06Unity of Effort: Private Security, Private Investigative and Law enforcement PartnershipsVincent BovesCover40
86August '06"Good Employees are Good for Business"… and bad employees cost you moneyLynn LevyDept.6
86August '06A Day in The Life of an Identity ThiefBruno PavlicekDept.46
86August '06Find It FastDick EllisDept.20
86August '06Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.57
86August '06Help! Where is 13640 WCR 64 Locating those Hard to Find AddressesJane Cracraft, CLI Feature30
86August '06Investigating the Suspicious" Auto Accident ClaimRobert WeltzCover40
86August '06Marketing to Insurance Companies: Understanding Lines of Insurance is often the key to successDaniel DrazFeature14
86August '06Merlin and IRBsearch to MergeJimmie MesisDept.39
86August '06No Mistaking ItClay RenickDept.8
86August '06Password Management: Easy to follow Guideline to protect Against TheftBill CareyFeature22
86August '06PI BUZZTamara ThompsonDept.50
86August '06Seven Rules for the Care and Feeding of AttorneysJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.52
86August '06The Price of PrivacyRobert ScottDept.36
86August '06Top Ten Mistakes Made By Business Owners and Executives When TravelingMichael McCannDept.27
85June '06Book ReviewRobert D. KeppelDept.60
85June '06Breaking into the PI Business: Only the Best and Brightest SucceedStephen MarkleyDept.16
85June '06Difficulties of Rural SurveillanceJennifer TannerDept.38
85June '06Doing Media the Right WayKyle NiederpruemDept.10
85June '06From Pedophile to Internet Predator: Protecting Our Children from Online EvilBruno PavlicekDept.56
85June '06Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.61
85June '06Investigating Video VoyeurismJimmie MesisFeature52
85June '06Looking for Leads: Investigating Missing Person CasesDan S. WillisDept.23
85June '06PI BUZZTamara ThompsonDept.55
85June '06Pro Bono: Studying the Volunteer Efforts of Private InvestigatorsJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.26
85June '06Professional Homicide InvestigationVernon J. GeberthFeature48
85June '06Running a PI Business: The Race of LifeTim O'RourkeDept.6
85June '06Secrets of the Surveillance SuperstarsDaniel DrazCover40
85June '06Seven Essentials for Undercover Corporate InvestigationsSteven W. EasleyDept.44
85June '06Threat Assessment Case Management: Investigating, Evaluating and Reducing the Risk of Targeted ViolenceEugene NielsonFeature30
85June '06Video SurveillanceDonald E. KneeceDept.35
85June '06Whose Face is It , Anyway?Warren J. SonneDept.58
84April '06An FBI Eye on the PI WorldAnayat DurraniFeature49
84April '06Caught, Audited: Home Free, MaybeMark BattersbyDept.8
84April '06Data Integrity: Protecting Confidential InformationRobert PacDept.24
84April '06Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.61
84April '06Get a Grip on TimeClay RenickDept.19
84April '06Handwriting Analysis: The Professional Investigator's Secret WeaponSheila LoweDept.32
84April '06ID theft Losses Increase, Number of Victims decreaseDept.60
84April '06Investigating Wrongful ConvictionsJohn NardizziFeature36
84April '06Jumping De-Fense: Transitioning From Cop to PI: Its all in the mind SetStuart BaggerlyFeature45
84April '06Land of the Free: Justice At LargeJimmie MesisCover40
84April '06Loss Prevention InvestigationsEric Nikita MaynesDept.27
84April '06Nine Steps to a Powerful TimelineGrace Elting CastleDept.56
84April '06PI BUZZTamara ThompsonDept.55
84April '06The "Real" ID ActMark SankeyDept.6
84April '06Voicemail Magic: How to get hard reach prospects to return your phone calls- quickly! Tony RubleskiDept.17
84April '06Writing an Effective Press ReleaseChristy WhiteheadDept.12
83February '0610 Rules for Approaching Adverse WitnessesJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.56
83February '06Book ReviewAlan M. SchleinDept.65
83February '06Come on into My Computer and Help Yourself: Spyware makes it easy for people to snoop on computersDrew RobbFeature24
83February '06Credit Lines for PIS: Revolving funding when you need itMark BattersbyDept.16
83February '06Developing & Managing Informants: An art that needs to be masteredEugene NielsonFeature30
83February '06Effective Executive ProtectionGoran LozoDept.38
83February '06Evaluating Your Expert Witnesses and Witnessing Their ValueJames E. ShawDept.52
83February '06Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.60
83February '06Horses and Cows and Emu Eggs… Creating an animal investigation specialtyGrace Elting CastleFeature48
83February '06How to Select a Web designerJimmie MesisDept.14
83February '06Keeping the Flu Bug Out of the OfficeSue Masaracchia- RobertsDept.19
83February '06PI Marketing: Building your agency from ReferralsJimmie MesisDept.10
83February '06PI NotesDept.62
83February '06Satellite Images for InvestigatorsJimmie MesisDept.12
83February '06Sexual Harassment Investigation: A wide and weaving WorldJane Cracraft, CLI Cover40
83February '06The Death of Landlines ContinuesRobert ScottDept.59
83February '06Walking with the DeadJesus R. CastilloDept.36
83February '06Working Smarter, Not HarderScott SmithDept.20
82December '05Assessment Testing: Tools for More Informed HiringMichael AlterDept.18
82December '05First Timers At the WICJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.53
82December '05Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.56
82December '05Getting Paid on TimeMarco TerryDept.8
82December '05Getting Ready For CourtMichael KorytaDept.46
82December '05How to Avoid Billing HasslesJane Cracraft, CLI Feature12
82December '05Insurance Fraud and the Feds: Cases Often cross State LinesDaniel DrazCover40
82December '05Investigating and Searching on the Deep WebRichard HeinzDept.33
82December '05Jim Carino: Living His Life's WorkKitty HaileyDept.58
82December '05Pet Detectives Unleashed: Missing Pet cases are Profitable for InvestigatorsBarbara E. CohenFeature36
82December '05Team Adam: John Walsh Challenges Pies to VolunteerJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.51
82December '05the Art of the CanvassThomas R. JoyceDept.24
82December '05The Eyes Have It! How One Man's Vision Made a DifferenceWarren J. SonneFeature28
82December '05Unmanned Remote Surveillance: A Giant Leap Ahead in Surveillance TechnologyStephen CasselDept.21
81October '05"Who am I" Investigating Identity TheftDon JohnsonFeature40
81October '05A Case Study: "When the evidence speaks"Gregg Stuchman and Steve BullerDept.24
81October '05All Aboard the Icerocket.comCynthia HetheringtonDept.22
81October '05Book Review Michael Koryta/ Herbert SimonDept.60
81October '05Business Metrics: You Can't Manage It if You Can't Measure ItMichael AlterDept.18
81October '05Counterfeiting of Goods: The Risks and Links to terrorist FundingJeffrey A. WilliamsFeature36
81October '05Forensic Meteorology: Answering the Weather QuestionJane Cracraft, CLI Feature30
81October '05Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.56
81October '05Headline: How to Improve Instantly All of your Marketing MaterialsTony RubleskiDept.14
81October '05Identity Theft and Slit Rings: An Unrecognized Cancer on SocietyBruno PavlicekCover48
81October '05Insurance Investigation Report WritingDaniel DrazDept.8
81October '05Investigator Training Comes of Age Creating the Professional, One person at a timeKitty HaileyDept.20
81October '05PI PuzzleMyles MellorDept.59
81October '05Surveillance TipsKeith NormanDept.54
80August '05Accessing The Archives: How to Use Newspaper and Other Archives in an InvestigationJane Cracraft, CLI Cover28
80August '05Best of the Best- Books for Professional InvestigatorsMelanie T. HarrisonDept.53
80August '05Computer Security- Achieving a BalanceDrew RobbDept.14
80August '05Elusive Targets: Investigating Elder FraudClay RenickFeature45
80August '05Executive Protection- Training for Pies: Use it or Lose itNathan T. HarrisonDept.56
80August '05Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.58
80August '05Hiring a Forensic Accountant- What Every private Investigator Ought to KnowStanley I. FoodmanDept.51
80August '05Knowing When to Say NoRobert A. DudashDept.23
80August '05No Waiting For Magic- Merlin Fights Back After Data BreachMichael KorytaDept.26
80August '05Not All Criminal Record Checks are Created EqualLynn PetersonDept.20
80August '05On Common Ground: Forensic PsychologistsFeature34
80August '05The Negative ReportJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.8
80August '05The Original RecordingMitch DavisDept.10
80August '05Vanished: Using Reverse Geographical Profiling as an Investigative Tool for Locating Missing PersonsDr. Maurice GodwinFeature38
79June '05A Primer On PrintsLouis L. AkinCover34
79June '05Claimant Interviews: A valuable Tool When Conducted ProperlyDaniel DrazDept.19
79June '05Courthouse Crisis- The Atlanta courthouse shootings focused attention on security problems in state courthousesDept.8
79June '05Experts Discuss Stun GunsDept.47
79June '05Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.54
79June '05Investigating The Traumatic Brain Injury CasesGrace Elting CastleFeature28
79June '05Our Profession's ShameFrancis D. "Frank" RitterDept.60
79June '05Stopping Suicide Attacks Through TrainingDept.18
79June '05Tactics For The Interrogation Of Islamic Fundamentalist TerroristsPhillip MullenixFeature12
79June '05Targeting Tasers- Use of stun guns drawing lawsuits and big money settlementsMichael KorytaFeature44
79June '05The Choicepoint HeistDept.65
79June '05The Life and Times of Leroy CookJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.24
79June '05To Tell The truth- An interview w independent polygraph examiner Lawson HaglerShaun Kaufman and Colleen CollinsDept.50
79June '05Top Ten Rural SurveillanceCynthia PottsDept.41
78April '05A Helpful Hand: Results While Undercover May Not be What you ExpectSteven W. EasleyDept.40
78April '05Achieving The Financial Goals of Your FirmGreg GeorgeDept.8
78April '05Are We Doomed To Extinction?Jordan IleryDept.65
78April '05Biting the Hand That Feeds You: An undercover Investigation Gone Bad May Result in Evidentiary and Monetary SanctionsJennifer BechetDept.37
78April '05Book ReviewJane Cracraft, CLI Dept.57
78April '05Darkside of the Sex TradeClay RenickFeature32
78April '05Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.54
78April '05International Investigations- An Untapped MarketJimmie MesisDept.12
78April '05Linguistic Statement Analysis Technique Bob ShafferDept.19
78April '05Meet Mr. Murder: An interview with Vernon Geberth Author of Practical Homicide InvestigationsWarren J. SonneCover44
78April '05Nine Ways: How to Get a Reluctant or Adversarial Witness to TalkMichael StoneFeature22
78April '05Providing Investigative Services to Insurance CompaniesDaniel DrazFeature14
78April '05The Legal Investigators of NALIDept.31
78April '05Who Are The Legal Investigators?Jane Cracraft, CLI Dept.29
78April '05Workplace Discrimination Investigations: A Careful Approach Robert BoertienDept.26
77February '05A Molester's MementosDan S. WillisDept.47
77February '05Book Review: The Sourcebook 6th EditionDon JohnsonDept.59
77February '05Carbon Monoxide Accidents: Even OutdoorsJane Cracraft, CLI Feature30
77February '05Finding Fakes and ForgeriesJoe DevanneyDept.32
77February '05Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.56
77February '05Google: One, Librarian: zeroCynthia HetheringtonDept.17
77February '05Kate Warne, PI The First Female Private Investigator had a Baltimore ConnectionLynn H. LevyDept.28
77February '05Networking Like a ProfessionalJimmie MesisDept.15
77February '05Outsourcing Payroll: A New Years Resolution That May Be Right For youMichael AlterDept.10
77February '05Return To SenderWarren J. SonneFeature49
77February '05Something is AMIS in Common Interest DevelopmentsRandall FrostDept.53
77February '05Tax Deductions For the EducatedMark BattersbyDept.12
77February '05The FTC On Pretexting- The PI Magazine Interview with Joel WinstonJimmie MesisCover43
77February '05The Varying Legalities of GarbologyEd ThompsonFeature24
77February '05Using pretext in Insurance Investigations: Important Considerations for Effective UseDaniel DrazDept.36
77February '05What's Your favorite Surveillance Snack?Dept.20
77February '05When Fast Isn't Fast Enough?Rosemarie T. MesisDept.8
76December '04Concealed Carry Up- Close- The Steve Young-Law Enforcement Officer's Safety Act of 2004Warren J. SonneDept.27
76December '04False Swearing: An Insurance Defense on Fraudulent ClaimsBarry ZalmaDept.16
76December '04Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.50
76December '04History of A Gun BillWarren J. SonneDept.30
76December '04Insurance Fraud: A Guide to Getting Cases ProsecutedDaniel DrazFeature10
76December '04Interviewing Adolescents and Young AdultsJean D. Erhardt and Linda M.Grounds, Ph.D.Feature23
76December '04Pi Magazine Special Report: King For the DefenseMichael KorytaDept.21
76December '04Private Investigation in RussiaDept.67
76December '04Skip Tracing: A RefresherRichard HeinzFeature42
76December '04The Federal "privacy Act" and "freedom of Information Act" As investigative toolsLarry ZilloxDept.32
76December '04Wanted InformationJane Cracraft, CLI Cover36
76December '04Where are the Anti-hacker Squads?Francis KielbDept.48
76December '04Whose Perspective Are you Using?Grace Elting CastleDept.8
76December '04Word for Word: A Profile on Don Foster, Forensic LinguistAtticus BradyDept.46
75October '04Baptism by Fire: Marketing Your Investigative Business and YourselfMickey VeichDept.9
75October '04Big Brother or Big Ideas?Warren SonneFeature28
75October '04Book review: Practical Homicide InvestigationMichael J. KorytaDept.56
75October '04Bounty Hunters in Afghanistan Get Busted, Not Bin LadenDept.24
75October '04Computer Spyware and the Digital DetectiveRobert PacDept.47
75October '04Evidence on Computers: Getting Rid of it, Getting it BackDrew RobbFeature42
75October '04Exposing Terrorists in the Economic SystemDean C. AlexanderDept.17
75October '04Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.50
75October '04Getting a Credit Report on a Judgment DebtorBill FasonDept.13
75October '04IRBSEARCH, Still growing, not sellingDept.25
75October '04Law Enforcement's Use of Force Addressed During Live US Department of Justice WebcastDept.26
75October '04PI Magazine Special Report: Follow up series missing childrenDept.33
75October '04Secrets of Successful Fugitive ApprehensionZachary BeckerFeature20
75October '04The Art of Report WritingJohn NardizziDept.6
75October '04The Sarbanes- Oxley Act: A Potential Source of Clients for Private InvestigatorsRory J. McMahonDept.14
75October '04Witness Interviews and Statements- The Heart and Soul of Criminal Defense InvestigationJohn M. LajoieCover34
74August '04Blood Spatter: Interpretation at Crime and Accident ScenesLouis L. AtkinFeature18
74August '04Book Review: Uncovering Reasonable Doubt: The Component MethodGlenn R. SwiftDept.49
74August '04Brandon Perron: Investigator, Philosopher, Crusader for TruthGlenn R. SwiftDept.45
74August '04Gadgets, Gimmicks, & Tricks of the TradeJulius "Buddy" BombetDept.54
74August '04Investigating Outside the USA is no 'midnight run'Joe LatorellaDept.16
74August '04Is your Web Site in Lingo LimboBarbara E. CohenDept.6
74August '04NCISS Supports the National Sex Offenders Registry ActDept.44
74August '04Parental AbductionsEd WunschCover32
74August '04Stranger Abductions: Private Investigators Can Impact Predatory Kidnapping CasesDon Johnson Feature39
74August '04Swiss Banking, Money Laundering and Sir Isaac NewtonJoe DickersonDept.13
74August '04Tangible and Legal Tax breaks for IntangiblesMark E. BattersbyDept.8
74August '04The Art of Successful InterviewingEugene NielsonFeature24
74August '04The Cognitive Interview TechniqueEugene NielsonDept.29
74August '04The Private Investigator, Criminal Defense Investigations and Fairy TailsPaul J. CiolinoDept.50
74August '04Where are all the missing children?Deborah AylwardDept.38
74August '04Working with a Document Examiner to Solve a CaseEmily J. WillDept.22
73June '04Dumpster Diving Backfires: Unlicensed "Private Investigator" is Scorned By CourtEddy McCainDept.28
73June '04Elyion: Resumes on the WebCynthia HetheringtonDept.6
73June '04Growth in Instant Messaging Creates Security ConcernsDrew RobbFeature50
73June '04How Do Your Clients Hear You?Robert A. DudashDept.10
73June '04Investigating in Indian Country: Know what you are doingGrace Elting CastleFeature20
73June '04Mounting an Undercover Investigation in the WorkplaceDept.32
73June '04Pies and Reality TVLogan ClarkeDept.18
73June '04PR for a PIJoan RileyDept.13
73June '04Private Trash: A New Hampshire Supreme PerspectiveJordan G. UleryDept.26
73June '04The FCRA Changes are in EffectEddy McCainDept.30
73June '04The Media and the PIBecky BlantonDept.16
73June '04The Progressive Nature of Employee TheftRobert DeFattaDept.8
73June '04Top Dog: How to Find The Back Door to a Top Ten Status on the Search EnginesJoe DysartDept.46
73June '04Workplace ViolenceEugene F. FerraroCover38
72April '04A look at Night VisionKelly RiddleDept.53
72April '04Book Review: The National Directory of College and University Student RecordsDon C. JohnsonDept.57
72April '04Business Tips: IRS Schedule C ExpenseBarbara E. CohenDept.6
72April '04E-mail Protocols and SecurityLeroy Cook and Steve SilvaDept.42
72April '04Gadgets and GimmicksBuddy BombetDept.51
72April '04Investigating Real Estate FraudMichael J. KorytaDept.31
72April '04Learning from Crime Analysis in Local Law EnforcementDeborah Osborne LoewenDept.46
72April '04Nabbing The Bean Counters Gone BadBeverly D. VickersFeature35
72April '04Real Estate FraudMichael J. KorytaCover26
72April '04Skiptracing: An easy Source of Additional Revenue for InvestigationsMichael DoresFeature16
72April '04Special Education and Juvenile JusticeDaniel J. CavalliniDept.9
72April '04The Red Flags of Insurance FraudJack MurrayFeature22
71February '04A Look Inside Today's Crime LabJames O. PexDept.31
71February '04A Very Old Cold Case: The Boy in the BoxKitty HaileyDept.20
71February '04Analytical Linguistics: As an investigative ToolEugene NielsonFeature6
71February '04Anatomy of a Law ChangeEddy McCainDept.34
71February '04Book Review: Investigator's Handbook for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect InvestigationsGrace Elting CastleDept.54
71February '04Congressman Pete Sessions: Civil Rights and Employment Investigation Clarification Act part of new FCRA BillDept.41
71February '04Investigator Profile: Nicolas BeltranteRalph ThomasDept.18
71February '04Mapping Mayhem: The Geography of a crimeGordon YoungDept.43
71February '04Non-Resident Concealed Firearm PermitsWilliam DesyDept.12
71February '04President Signs FCRA Bill!Don C. JohnsonCover36
71February '04The Fallacy of a DiscountRoy MillerFeature25
71February '04Understanding Employee TheftRobert "Jerry" DeFattaFeature15
71February '04Using the www and the Internet to Get the FactsWilliam LowranceDept.48
71February '04Your First and Most Important InvestigationGary H. KutyDept.28
70December '03Effective Interviewing & Interrogation Skills in Fraud InvestigationsMichael J. Musto and Steven L. KirbyDept.13
70December '03E-mail TracingJoseph SeanorDept.56
70December '03Firstgov Search EngineCynthia HetheringtonDept.6
70December '03Franchising: The Newest Investigative TrendJimmie MesisDept.44
70December '03Investigative Automotive Product Liability ClaimsWarren J. SonneCover36
70December '03Last Chance Investigations: Post Conviction Criminal InvestigationsKitty HaileyFeature20
70December '03The Art of War: An application for the Investigative ProcessBrandon A. PerronFeature28
70December '03The Case FileEugene NielsonDept.43
70December '03Tips for the Mitigation InvestigatorSuzanne SerdahleyDept.19
70December '03Vehicle Data Recorders: A revolutionary Tool for Accident InvestigatorsJames W. HabertFeature50
70December '03Verifying Military ServiceDebra Johnson KnoxDept.9
69October '0310 Rules for Testifying in CourtEugene NielsonDept.43
69October '0350 Honest Truths: About Employee DishonestySteve KirbyDept.12
69October '03Art of Asking QuestionsFrank MacHovec, PH.DFeature22
69October '03Clients are People: Handle w careSkipp PorteousDept.8
69October '03Computer Forensics Essentials for the 21st Century Private InvestigatorsSteve AbramsFeature46
69October '03GYPSIES TRAVELERS & THIEVESJan B. TuckerDept.7
69October '03Innovative InvestigatingDenny HowleyDept.44
69October '03Investigating DUI ChargesRandy BennetFeature32
69October '03New York State Expands Criminal Record SearchWilliam PeelerDept.16
69October '03Professionalism: The Kitty Hailey HallmarkStacy NeubergerCover26
69October '03Recognizing SteganographyKevin W. BlackDept.53
69October '03Swallowing Alphabet Soup: Checking out CredentialsCynthia HetheringtonDept.14
69October '03The Next Generation: Grace CastleDept.20
69October '03Translators can Help Build Your BusinessLeisa HazardDept.10
69October '03U.S.A. Patriot Act Role of the InvestigatorDouglas O. CrewseDept.30
68August '03An Overlooked Source?Grace Elting Castlefeature12
68August '03Build a Niche Investigate Music PiracyGlenn EidenDept.35
68August '03Buying or Upgrading a computerKevin J. RipaDept.58
68August '03ChoicePoint CORE SuiteEugene NielsonDept.46
68August '03Covert Tracking Goes High TechEugene NielsonFeature7
68August '03Documenting Personal Injuries w PhotosRobert L. ParkeFeature14
68August '03Fight PI Burnout!Frank MacHovec, PHDDept.48
68August '03Is Digital Really the Answer?Francis D. "Frank" RitterDept.41
68August '03New Directions in Legal InvestigationsJames W. HabertCover24
68August '03Pursuing the CounterfeitersPaul ParadiseDept.30
68August '03Saving the ProfessionGrace Elting CastleDept.61
68August '03Ten Quick Tips for the Criminal Defense InvestigatorPaul J. Ciolino and Grace Elting CastleFeature57
68August '03The One-person 401K: a good Choice for Today's Self-EmployedRobert BurtonDept.51
68August '03Toxic M old Investigations: There's a Fungus Among UsLarry TroxelFeature18
68August '03Using a Voice to Text ProgramBarry A. KintnerDept.54
68August '03Who's Peeking? And How to Avoid ThemRichard WhiteDept.38
67June '03An Introduction to Fire and Arson InvestigationJames W. HarbertDept.32
67June '03Analysis of the NH Boyer DecisionJordan G. UleryFeature28
67June '03Dr. Henry C. Lee: "You have to want to find the facts!"Grace Elting CastleCover20
67June '03New Police Technology…What Does It Mean to You?Gayle TrentDept.16
67June '03Nine Tips for Handling A Fee ScamRoger H. SchmedlenDept.41
67June '03Pigeons of a Different FeatherFrancie KoehlerFeature12
67June '03Police & Prosecutorial Misconduct Can Equal Wrongful ConvictionPaul J. CiolinoFeature6
67June '03Protecting Consumers from Unlicensed InvestigatorsDeborah AylwardDept.24
67June '03The Changing Face of Professional Investigations: You can be sued for doing your job- Ask BlueMoon Investigations!Grace Elting CastleFeature26
67June '03The Medicolegal Death InvestigationBruce DelphiaFeature8
67June '03The Secret to Proving Insurance FraudKellie SniderDept.48
66April '03"Crewseing" Through Setting Up a BusinessGrace Elting CastleFeatured Tip70
66April '0320 Tips to Invite Visitors to Your WebsiteEdie EltingFeature46
66April '032002 Tax BonusesMark BattersbyFeature34
66April '037 Steps to the Magic Solution for Report PreparationGrace Elting CastleFeature48
66April '03Are They Really Independent Contractors?Grace Elting CastleFeature6
66April '03Being Your Own PublicistScott E. GreenFeatured Tip44
66April '03Case Management 201Paul PurcellFeature37
66April '03Mystery Shopping: A Viable Sideline?Joan RileyFeature20
66April '03Now's the Time to Become a Security Consultant!Kelly E. RiddleFeature24
66April '03Sharp Testimony: When do you need a knife expert?Bernard LevineDept.18
66April '03Should I accept Credit Cards?John D. WallerFeatured Tip45
66April '03Straight Talk from the US Federal Trade CommissionJimmie MesisCover28
66April '03Tucker Pens Unique Marketing ToolFeatured Tip44
66April '03Vacuum Metal Deposition: A newly available fingerprinting techniqueGayle TrentDept.32
66April '03You as an Expert WitnessFrank J. MacHovecDept.14
65February '03A Look Through the Looking Glass-At UsDeborah AywardDept.62
65February '03Association NewsDept.58
65February '03Book Review: Corporate InvestigationsJimmie MesisDept.71
65February '03Calendar of EventsDept.56
65February '03Certification AcronymsFeature32
65February '03Coping Skills for Your Day in CourtFrank J. MacHovecFeature44
65February '03Counterespionage Consulting ServicesKevin D. MurrayCover6
65February '03Evaluating Public Records DatabasesCynthia HetheringtonFeature33
65February '03GYPSIES TRAVELERS & THIEVESDon c. JohnsonFeature20
65February '03Investigating Crimes Against the DisabledKaren KirbyFeature49
65February '03PI Magazine Book StoreDept.72
65February '03Simple CD Technology vs. the InternetAlexander MondayFeature39
65February '03Surveillance & TrespassingRon BurettaFeature40
65February '03The Doe NetworkLeisa HazardFeature28
65February '03Wrongful Conviction- 5 Questions for Investigators to Ask ThemselvesGrace Elting CastleFeature30
64December '02Association NewsDept.53
64December '02Bombet's Secret to Success: Respect for OthersKitty HaileyCover6
64December '02Bone Doctor Pioneers Courtroom ExhibitsJames W. HarbertFeature12
64December '02Book Review: Code of Professional ConductThomas BairdDept.70
64December '02Forensic Psychology: An Under Used ResourceSusan O' BrienFeature41
64December '02Hanging Chad Forever: Investigating Autoerotic Asphyxia in a Suspicious SuicideDon JohnsonFeature34
64December '02International Investigative NewsDept.66
64December '02Legislative News from the Maryland AssociationDept.55
64December '02Legislative News from the Maryland AssociationEddy McCainDept.64
64December '02Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Jack H. ReedFeature59
64December '02Mothers Who Kill Ten Vital Signs for Their InvestigatorsJane Cracraft, CLI Feature46
64December '02New Orleans Super Conference Photo/ video HighlightsDept.60-62
64December '02Surviving SurveillanceChuck McKenzieFeature20
64December '02The History of NICOSIAJohn M. HealyFeature52
64December '02To Badge or Not… A State by State SurveyJohn SavageFeature28
63October '02An Army of HelpMary TiritilliFeature12
63October '02Association AcronymsDept.36
63October '02Association NewsDept.38
63October '02Beyond The Begats- Working with GenealogistsMegan SmolenyakFeature20
63October '02Digital Photography for InvestigatorsJames W. HarbertFeature28
63October '02Fair Credit Reporting Act Still Bedevils US Private InvestigatorsSteven L. KirbyFeature24
63October '02Getting Local Called Telephone Records- LegallyMichele YontefFeature8
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63October '02S848 Senate Hearings Important to InvestigatorsEddy McCainFeature27
62August '02A Case of Ethics: Find Birth RelativesGrace Elting CastleDept.38
62August '02A Violation of Trust, California Investigator Jailed, Francie Koehler's 50 Hour NightmareGrace Elting CastleFeature14
62August '02Biometrics- A new Investigative ToolGayle TrentFeature28
62August '02Ethics, Investigations, Clients, Just What Do They Have in Common?William Howard MalpassDept.42
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152August '18Test of subjest titleJim NanosDeptTest subject & add10