PIs Move Into Night

Surveillance technicians now have the upper hand with the Photonis Nocturn eX extreme low light digital surveillance camera. We now get the video in the near total darkness. Rather than ending the surveillance detail frustrated and disappointed; we now can have a clear, sharp, high-quality video of our subject leaving his house, walking to his…

Strength & Hope after Harvey

As Hurricane Harvey slammed into the southern states, the authors of this article participated in a commendable effort to assist those in its way. Like PIs and related professionals across the nation, these responders worked long, tiring hours donating time, effort, and equipment to others. This is their story.

Facial Recognition

Law enforcement is excited about facial recognition, and with good reason. Faces in databases dwarf the number of fingerprint files. Be it driving licenses, passports, social media pages, online dating profiles, lists of missing persons, mugshots, or the Web, clearly identified faces are everywhere.


“The need to check out the other party is as old as the era when people exchanged telephone numbers in a sports bar,” so Associate Editor Jane Cracraft, and PI Bill Lamb, have shared the pros and cons of dating online, and of creating an investigation specialty designed to assist those who want to know…


“Whistleblowing is more than a passing phenomenon. When properly encouraged, it is a powerful investigative tool and a means to reduce crime and undesirable behavior,” according to PI Eugene Ferraro, founder and former chief executive and ethics officer of Denver-based Convercent, Inc., a global whistleblower hotline service, who shares his expertise in our cover article.

Investigating Religion, Cults, and the Occult

There are twenty major religions and hundreds, if not thousands, of cults and occult groups in the world today. For each one of those there are further splits and divisions into separate denominations, sects, churches, temples, covens, and other independent splinter groups. Wade Sellers shares his expertise in investigating the beliefs and the believers when…